A List of Braid Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Serena Williams’ cornrowed crown braid and Yanna Cruz’ French fishtail braid

These two braided hairstyles for medium-length hair are beautiful and popular choices. They can create stunning looks for any occasion.

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are a relaxed and undone style that goes well with flannel shirts. They give medium-length hair a simple vibe.

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids are a protective style that draws attention with large plaits. They can showcase vibrant hair colors and accessories like beads and rings.

1. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are thick and chic braids that can be installed in cornrows or pre-twisted. They offer a complete and voluminous look and can be adorned with blue accents for added glamour.

2. Nubian Twists

Nubian twists are an exquisite hairstyle, perfect for formal events. They look incredibly stunning with red highlights. Be careful not to apply too much tension during installation to avoid kinky roots.

3. Marley Twists

Marley twists are a stylish protective style that blends seamlessly with natural hair. They are easy to install and can be enhanced with color or accessories for flair.

4. Passion Twists

Passion twists are a modern and comfortable style of two-strand braiding. They offer volume and length without altering the natural kinks of your hair. Proper moisturization is crucial in maintaining shape and preventing dryness and product buildup.

5. Havana Twists

Havana twists combine elements of Senegalese and Marley twists. They are a great protective style that lasts up to 8 weeks without being stretched. They blend seamlessly with natural hair and can be colored with a vibrant purple shade.

6. Braided Ponytail

For a stylish and eye-catching ponytail, try incorporating braids. Experiment with different braids, such as box or goddess, and add hair pins or bows for extra flair. Consider including a faded haircut and use a light-hold pomade to create the perfect braided ponytail.