How to Style Light Waves Hair

Making sure your wavy locks look their best requires proper care and styling, including using our Miracle Styling Balm as an aid in defining and holding waves in place. Utilize an overnight beach wave hack by tying your hair into two (or even four!) twisted buns before bed, and spraying on sea salt spray, and you will wake up to perfect waves without damaging hot tools!


Queen Bey isn’t shy about showing what she wants and flaunting it. The singer is unstoppable in pursuing what makes her happy, from bold lip colors and high ponytails to sleek hairstyles and the sleek middle part with big voluminous curls – she doesn’t hesitate to experiment! She’s worn a wavy bob and blunt pixie cuts before, but this year, she kicked off her Renaissance tour with long, luxurious locks that were blonder than ever. Rita Hazan seems responsible for this stunning shade she calls “creme brulee,” which frames her face beautifully while complementing her skin tones perfectly. Beyonce has long been considered an ambassador for curly hairstyles, from tight coils and spirals to afros and locks. Most recently, she donned an effortless half-up-half-down style for her Super Bowl performance.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, is a model with long, wavy locks. Her luxurious locks pair well with her sensuous outfits, and she boasts an incredible sense of style that allows her to pull off any look imaginable. Recently, she posted an unfiltered selfie on Instagram that showcased her natural beauty – including stunning curls that perfectly complemented her flawless skin and features. Her wavy locks are perfectly highlighted with a simple updo. This timeless style will never go out of fashion and can easily be achieved using bobby pins or a curling iron. Her beautiful shade of light blonde adds brightness and dimension to her locks. Tyra Banks donned a black dress for the CW Network’s 2006-2007 Upfront Event in New York City. Her wavy hair was loose and layered, with some slight half-up styling, while her blonde locks looked full and shiny at this event.

Maggie Q

Maggie Q is known for her seductive and confident looks, with long wavy locks always meticulously groomed to highlight her beautiful features. Usually seen wearing it either in a top knot or loose semi-updo, Maggie usually opts for center partings to achieve that girl-next-door aesthetic, which exudes feminine chicness. This style works exceptionally well on those with shoulder-length to long locks. In 2014, she made her film debut in the Divergent adaptation. Additionally, she appeared as Tori Wu in The CW television series Nikita and in other roles, such as an assassin in movies such as The Conspiracy on Jekyll Island. To achieve the Maggie Q look, curl your hair using a curling iron, hot rollers, or flat iron to achieve that sexy Maggie look. Once bent, add some hair oil for additional shine and luster!

Lucy Hale

This hairstyle is perfect for young ladies looking to add elegance to their appearance, as it requires only minimal tools – a curling wand, heat protectant, and hairspray are enough – with your fingers, you can divide the waves for a more natural appearance, and relaxed yet casual vibe, ideal for young girls. Lucy Hale is an expert at changing her hair color – even more often than Aria! From chocolate brown to black to ombre and back again. Additionally, Lucy frequently alters her hairstyle alongside new outfits. Lucy Hale chose an elegant low ponytail style featuring gorgeous blonde highlights for New Year’s Eve, perfect for formal events but also easily adaptable for everyday wear. You could add star clips for added flare.