Layered Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Layered haircuts add volume and balance to wavy hair. Bring pictures to your stylist to determine the best shape for your face and styling needs. Soft balayage highlights can enhance the layers and create a casual and beautiful look.

Long Layers

Long-layered styles give wavy hair more volume and length. Feathered layers at various heights add movement to the hair. This style suits different face shapes and can be paired with straight or side-swept bangs for added volume. Joan Smalls showcases this style elegantly.

Short Layers

Layered short hairstyles are an excellent option for fine hair. They add volume without making the hair appear thin. Feathered layers keep the shape of your face intact and blend seamlessly into the strands. Another option is a neck-length wavy bob with one long layer and two shorter ones framing the face. Bangs can add flair to this style.


Balayage is a natural and beautiful way to lighten your hair without the look of chemical treatments. It looks great with wavy hair and offers a variety of color options. Babylight balayage is a subtle choice for those with darker locks.


A bob is an elegant style for wavy hair suitable for any occasion. The choppy layers create an edgy look and emphasize natural waves. Adding dark chocolate lowlights can enhance the texture. This short, choppy, wavy bob is low-maintenance and pairs well with everyday outfits. Thick, wavy hair can benefit from a layered bob cut, as it adds movement without weighing the hair down. Adding length to the bob with side bangs can create a stunning look.