Layered Haircuts For Girls

Layered Haircuts for Girls: Adding Volume and Texture

Layered haircuts for girls are an effective way to add volume and texture. This style works exceptionally well when worn by those with wavy or curly locks.

Medium-Length Layered Cuts with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

Medium-length layered cuts paired with face-framing curtain bangs are ideal for girls with naturally wavy locks. Apply a thermal protectant on damp locks before styling for extra frizz protection.

Long with Soft Waves: Show off Your Long, Wavy Hair

If you have long, wavy hair, a layered haircut is ideal for showing it off. By adding shoulder-length layers, big coils will fall gently around your face for an adorable girl-next-door appearance. Ask your stylist to add face-framing money piece layers; complete your look by adding short, side-swept bangs for even more excellent silhouette shaping.

Dramatically Staggered Layers for Definition and Volume

If you want to add structure to your style, opt for dramatically staggered layers like Carrie Bradshaw’s. After styling with plenty of texturizing spray for an authentic lived-in effect, they give her lush locks additional definition and volume.

Create Beachy Waves in Medium Length Hair

Interested in creating beachy waves in your medium-length hair? Follow this easy tutorial for making them with medium barrel curling irons and smoothing brushes, prepping with rubbing brushes before bending two-inch sections away from your face with two-inch branches, using medium barreled irons. Once cool, spray hairspray over them to maintain shape.

Short with Curtain Bangs: Adding Layers and Framing Your Features

Are you searching for a hairstyle to add layers and frame your features, such as face-framing layers? A blunt bob with wispy curtain bangs is necessary. This style provides your forehead and cheekbones a softer finish, which works exceptionally well on those with round or oval faces.

Layered Short Bobs with Curtain Bangs for Volume and Definition

This trendy fringe can look beautiful on various hair textures and adds an eye-catching feminine flair to any shortcut, such as pixie or bob haircuts. If you have fine locks, layered short bobs with curtain bangs may provide additional volume and definition to your strands. Pair your curtain bangs with a rooted blonde hue for an eye-catching effect and make your new cut all the more striking. Achieve this effect at home using products with keratin and deep conditioning treatments to achieve it.

Medium with Textured Messy Layers: Adding Depth and Dimension

Medium layers work beautifully with blonde and other colors of hair. This classic style will elongate and frame your face shape beautifully, adding extra depth and dimension to the strands. Felicity Jones is an example of someone sporting this cut; she wears a layered bob with thinner ends, which appears thicker and fuller due to the layers.

Add Sophistication with Gray Hues

Add sophistication and shine to your medium-layered hair by adding some gray hues. Light silver and darker graphite hues are often popular among women looking for an elegant style without altering their natural strand color. Layers add new life and texture to any hair texture and are easy to style using texturizing products. They also make thin locks appear fuller and healthier, especially for women with lean locks. Experiment with various styles until you find what suits you and your personality best!

Curly and Natural: Adding Structure and Volume

If your natural curls leave you wanting the girl-next-door style, ask your stylist for shoulder-grazing layers to give your low coils structure and provide volume at the roots. Layers are suitable for all hair types, ranging from thin and delicate tresses to thick and curly locks, as they balance volume and structure. This style is especially great for medium wavy hair as it will help reduce frizz and make managing it with minimal maintenance easier. Pair your layered style with curtain bangs (parting your hair down the middle, then adding shorter layers that fall toward your forehead) for an effortless style that frames your face for an easy and casual style.

Tips for Maintaining Your Layered Haircut

To keep your layered haircut looking new and beautiful, regularly trim and shape your strands using quality shears or razors to remove split ends and spray with hairspray or styling spray for hold and hold in any new styles you create. Use a nourishing shampoo/conditioner, such as TRESemme Pro Pure Light Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner with Biotin, to keep strands healthy and moisturized.