Layered Hair Cuts With Bangs

Layers add dimension and personality to any hairstyle, making it completely distinctive. Paired with bangs, they can even help disguise an unflattering forehead and make you more appealing!

Long Wavy Layers with Bangs

Add feminine flair and soft femininity to your look by opting for long wavy layers with bangs. This shoulder-length layered haircut is easy to style and suits many face shapes!

Side-Swept Bangs

Long, sweeping side bangs can re-shape the face and add femininity to your look. They are easy to style and suitable for multiple hair colors. Long-side bangs are an excellent way to try bangs without the commitment and maintenance required over time.

Chin-Length Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

No matter your hair texture, this soft chin-length layered bob with long curtain bangs is an aesthetically pleasing and feminine style option. It frames the face beautifully and looks good on all face shapes. Layers add volume, and frayed tips create texture for an airy finish.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs offer an appealing alternative to blunt or wispy fringes. They require less commitment and blend seamlessly into the rest of your hairstyle. They can be parted down the middle, worn straight, or brushed off one side for optimal style. Layered bangs work on all lengths and textures of hair.

Long Curtain Bangs

Extended layered bobs with bangs are ideal for most hair types, from thick to fine and curly locks. Their layers flow smoothly from front to back, framing your face without looking choppy or messy. This style works beautifully when worn with wavy hair.

Deep Colors and Wispy Fringe

Add depth and thickness to your feminine style by opting for deep colors like brown or blonde. This adds dimension and makes the strands appear thicker and fuller. Wispy fringe will add definition and bring out your eyes, framing your face beautifully.

Long Wavy Bangs

If you have long, wavy locks, this cute and feminine haircut is ideal for showing them off. The rounded fringe frames your face beautifully and is easy to maintain.

Dyeing Wavy Locks for Drama

Add a bit of drama by dyeing your wavy locks a striking color. This bold statement will attract everyone’s eye and works exceptionally well when worn in this bold style. Be sure to use a color protectant to avoid brassiness.

Textured Bangs

No matter the length or texture of your hair, textured bangs add interest to any look. This style works exceptionally well on all face shapes on medium-length locks, giving the illusion of added volume while framing and concealing broad foreheads.

Achieving Textured Bangs at Home

This style is straightforward to achieve at home. Start by sectioning your hair into three separate areas, then cut snippets of hair at a time, being careful not to cut too close to your eyes. Use a mirror as a reference point.

Layered hair with Bangs

Layered hair with bangs is an effortless way to update your look. This style looks good on everyone and can be tailored specifically to suit each individual’s face shape, length of hair, and maintenance level.