Latinas With Blonde hair

Sofia Vergara and Alexandra Vega are two of the best examples of latinas with blonde hair. Both were born with blonde hair, but started coloring their hair darker as Hollywood casting agents couldn’t handle a natural blonde Latina. However, Sofia Vergara has recently lightened her locks. Her hairstyle has become one of her signature features. Whether it is the color of her hair or her personality, latinas with blonde hair are sure to turn heads.

Alexandra vega


Considering a change of color, what is the best option for a Latina with blonde hair? Fortunately, there are many options. While a lot of Hispanic chicks end up looking trashy with too-blonde hair, there is no right or wrong way to go about changing your hair color. Here are some tips to make your hair color look its best:


Many famous Latinas have light, brunette, or even black hair. Many are Spanish, and this is evident from the wide variety of women with different skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Despite this, some Latinas are a combination of both ethnicities. This includes Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Alba. While these women may seem like an unlikely combination, there are many examples of Latinas with light, brown, or black hair.

Sofia Vergara


While her hair color is naturally blonde, Sofia Vergara has often strayed from her original shade due to her light skin and exotic features. The Colombian-born actress was a natural blonde and changed her hair color when she was just 18 years old. She now sports a light ash-blonde bob with honey-colored highlights. She looks stunning in any hair color and is a versatile actress.


The fiery bombshell on Modern Family has long been known for her dark hair and iconic bob, but she has since dyed her locks blonde. In a recent Instagram post, the actress revealed that she began dying her hair blonde when she was cast in the role of a Pepsi commercial. The ad campaign was a hit in Latin America, and Sofia Vergara quickly relocated to Miami and pursue a career here.

Christina Aguilera


The music industry is full of stereotypes and racism, but Christina Aguilera is no exception. She has always proudly embraced her Latin heritage and has made good music. People who say that she has lightened her hair and is pretending to be Latina are simply using cognitive dissonance. Christina has always talked about her ethnicity and her father is a prominent hispanic politician.


Aguilera’s hair color comes from her ancestry. Her deceased brother had blonde hair and blue eyes. His ethnicity was 100 percent Latino, and his father was from Ecuador, while her mother was from Pennsylvania. Her paternal grandmother was Swedish, while her maternal grandfather was of German and English descent. Her mother has a light complexion, and her father has brown hair.

Salma Hayek


The actress, born in Mexico, is famous for her roles in action movies. Hayek, who is of Mexican and Lebanese descent, is one of the few Latinas with blonde hair. The actress was not a young actress when she started acting. She was already 23 years old when she landed her first role in Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado. The film, which starred Antonio Banderas, won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Eventually, her family was able to send her to boarding school in America. Salma went on to earn a university degree in international relations. After graduation, she worked with various charities in the United States and abroad.


Although Salma Hayek has long, brown hair, she has also experimented with a blonde wig. While this new look isn’t going to last, it is a unique look. Known for her ultra-glitzy style and quirky fashions, Hayek has been known to change her hairstyle to match the look of her outfits. For a night out with Alexander Skarsgard, the actress went for a blonde ‘do.

Jessica Alba


There is one Hollywood actress with Latin roots with blonde hair. Jessica Alba. She is Mexican from her father’s side. Although she has struggled in Hollywood, the actress has now become a brand ambassador for several fashion brands. In addition to her curvy figure and glowing skin, Alba loves to experiment with her hair color. Her iconic blonde locks have inspired many over the years, but she can also look great in almost any hair color.


Her heritage is complex. She has Mexican and English ancestry, and her parents were immigrants from Zacatecas, Durango, and Puebla. Her grandparents introduced her to acting when she was a young child, and her grandmother was involved in a performing arts playhouse where they would perform traditional Mexican folklore stories. While there is controversy surrounding the actress’ ethnicity, it’s clear that she is a Latina at heart.

Bella Thorne


As a former Disney star, Bella Thorne has often been criticized for her appearance. With blonde hair and fair skin, she has struggled to fit in as a Latina. But thanks to her Cuban father, she has darkened both her skin and hair. Now, she embodies the beauty and diversity of the Latino community. This beautiful young actress has shared several images of herself with different hair colors, including red, black, and blonde.


Aside from her famous ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau, Thorne’s unique hair color has been a topic of debate in the past few years. The actress, who is part-Cuban, became an Internet sensation in 2016 when Disney announced the first Latin princess. She defended her decision and praised those who criticized her for not looking like “the stereotypical Latina girl.”