The Latest Haircut For Men

Men can choose from many stylish haircuts when it comes to choosing their next cut, and one trendy choice includes having long fringe swept over one side for an on-trend look. The curtains haircut is a timeless classic that works on all lengths of hair. Featuring a hard part and skin fade, this dapper cut works best on thicker locks.

Textured Crop

The textured French crop is an effortless look for men that requires no styling effort to maintain. Simply run some pomade or hair clay through your locks for an instantaneous style that will have you looking dapper. Medium textured hair works best; however, short to mid length locks with point cut fringe also look fantastic with this style. Thicker men’s hair can look particularly sensual when styled into spikes, making this style the ideal way to show off both masculinity and sexiness at once. Paired with a traditional fade haircut with an exaggerated fringe, this look allows them to highlight both sides of themselves at once.

One of the most fashionable men’s styles

One of the most fashionable men’s styles these days, featuring shorter back and sides with longer hair on top, is to have a sleek haircut with shorter back and sides and longer top strands that is worn with either comb over, quiff or faux hawk styles. Easy to maintain and suitable for most face shapes – men will appreciate having this timeless classic on their heads!

Messy Men Hairstyles

Men’s messy hair styles are an easy and versatile way to transform any pompadour into an easygoing casual style by dishevelling it with some styling product. What’s great about this style is that it works on all ages, hair textures and face shapes – including those with finer locks. Young Jake Gyllenhaal is an impressive example of how an unruly men’s hairstyle can complement his attractive features beautifully. The messy cut looks very youthful and perfectly matches his youthful features. Orlando Bloom is a prime example of someone who looks great with messy hair. In The Lord of the Rings, his long, thick locks really showed off his boyish good looks in this look. If you want a casual and laidback vibe then try his look – but make sure your locks are properly groomed first!

Short Sides and Long Top

If you want something less extreme but still on trend, opt for this sleek and stylish short haircut instead. Perfect for fine hair types. Ask your barber to use a clipper-over fade on the sides while leaving a long strip of fringe at the front for an eye-catching style that’ll turn heads. Military-inspired cuts are a timeless classic for men looking for an easy yet dapper style that keeps their hair short on the sides and back, but adds length on top. When coupled with a mid fade fade it creates a balanced look which draws attention to jawline and cheekbones while styling with lightweight pomade or gel gives a dapper finish that works from work to play – plus its comb over style is great if you sport beard for Peaky Blinders-esque vibe.


This men’s comb over style is timeless and suitable for most hair lengths, providing you with plenty of styling options based on personal taste. Choose either a skin fade or low fade depending on what best fits you; perfect for those who want a professional appearance yet want to add their own sense of flair! For an updated spin on the classic comb over, opt for a taper fade instead of straight skin fade from your barber. This will provide a gradual taper which adds length and allows you to comb forward-backward through your top hair for a look that is both stylish and masculine. This retro comb over style with a bald fade offers a classic aesthetic, ideal for men who are aging gracefully. Additionally, this look has some hipster flair and can be enhanced further with a neatly trimmed beard or mustache for added impact.