Kylie Jenner Rings in 2021 With Blue Hair

Kylie Jenner just unveiled a stunning new blue hair color! The reality star showed off her short, icy blue haircut on Instagram, sporting a white double-breasted blazer dress and strappy heels.

Kylie Jenner’s New hair Color

Kylie Jenner has started 2021 by switching up her look, opting for blue locks rather than her usual blonde hue. KUWTK star Lauren Conrad debuted her brand new shade via Instagram photos.

Kylie Jenner’s Natural Hair Color

Kylie Jenner naturally sports light brown locks. For Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, however, Kylie donned blue streaks, as seen in an old Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode. She recently posted the look again to Instagram, this time matching outfits.

Kylie Jenner’s Blonde hair Color

Kylie Jenner’s blonde locks have remained relatively constant since she began bleaching them in 2012. Kylie typically sports long waves when styling her natural honey-hued locks.

Kylie Jenner’s Silver Hair Color

Kylie Jenner is known to experiment with her looks, so when she recently shared a selfie showing off an unusual combination of blue hair and nails on social media, we couldn’t help but wonder if something was up.

Kylie Jenner’s Platinum Hair Color

Kylie Jenner is a reality star, beauty mogul, and self-made billionaire with an extensive collection of hairstyles. She often delights fans by switching things up – sporting platinum blonde locks for Christmas or a cotton candy pink wig for Halloween!

Kylie Jenner’s Blue hair Color

Kylie Jenner is an iconic reality TV star, beauty mogul, and (depending on who you ask) self-made billionaire. Throughout her career, she has donned hair colors ranging from pink, blue, and even green.