Karen Hair Styles – Classic haircut?

The Karen Haircut is an oldie but a goodie. This is one of the many classic haircuts that work for women today. It is characterized by having long hair at the front and a short Haircut at the back with fringed ends. This is an up to date style that has become quite popular among women today.

Karen Styles – Classic haircut?

In today’s celebrity culture, you can find many designs that are specifically meant to showcase a certain hair type or cut, and one of the most popular of these cuts is the Karen style. The Karen Hair cut is an almost-inverted bob or lob, which also known as an A-Line haircut. It is usually long in the front and shorter at the rear. Because of this, it creates an even sharp angle when looking from the front.

Karen Styles

What exactly is a Karen Hair Cut? The Karen hair cut is characterized by a long, choppy Hair cut with a lot of curl. The basic hair cut is called a “krown” and is shorter at the front and longer at the back. Because of this, it creates an angular yet classy shape when viewed on the front.

Karen Styles – 8 Classic Women’s Styles

Looking good is important for every woman, but nothing looks as good on a woman’s head as a Karen Hair Cut. No wonder so many women sport this look. It is sleek, sophisticated and fabulous. Many choose to add bangs or a curl, and even straighten their hair to create layers that accentuate her cheekbones, face and Hairline. The beauty of any style is based on your own personal style but here are some of our favorite super-cuts to round out your gorgeous locks: