How to Wear Japanese Short hair

There are several different styles of Japanese short hair. The top part of the hair may be left long and the bottom portion buzzed. There are several variations of this style and you can try them all out for yourself to see which one looks best on you. Here are some common Japanese hairstyles:

Roller buns


There are many styles for short Japanese hair, but roller buns are the most common. The grungy, funky look gives this style a fashion boost. It’s perfect for the summer because it’s easy to make, and can be paired with fringe to add even more oomph. It’s also very easy to pull off, making it a great choice for anyone with frizzy hair.

Wispy bangs


A short, Japanese hairstyle is one of the most versatile styles for women. It is perfect for students, office workers, and stay-at-home mothers alike. The short, wispy bangs add a feminine touch to any look. The wispy bangs will match any hairstyle, including a half-up ‘do, which is popular in Japan.

S-shaped curves


Most ladies today are sporting the obtuse impacts of Japanese short hair. These are characterized by their S-shaped curves. These hairstyles are perfect for late spring. They can be twisted and blown dry to give them a different look. Women with any shape of face can benefit from this hairstyle. The following are tips to wear Japanese short hair in various seasons:



Amplifying your hair color is a popular hairstyle among celebrities. It gives you the look of two colors, but requires minimal maintenance and grows out effortlessly. Japanese hairdressers Tanya and Mayumi have created the ultimate ombre look. They use a combination of balayage and foilyage techniques for hair color. Balayage is best for hair that is dark, coarse, or resistant to color.

Purple ombre


Adding purple highlights to short, wavy hair can be a fun and easy way to add volume and texture. This style also doesn’t require bleaching or chemical treatments. You can even get away with cutting the ends of your hair a little short, if that’s what you prefer. While it can look pretty, you should know that it can also be tricky to achieve the perfect color match. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about bleaching and can achieve this look with a good cut.

Blunt bob


The Japanese style of ombre bob is a great haircut for round faces. This style is best suited to ladies with sharp angular faces and big shoulders. It softens the edges of the face and draws attention away from chubby arms. The length of the hairline varies, but the bob is generally shorter toward the chin. You can also try an upward angled bob, which is shorter than the traditional bob.