How to Style an Italian haircut

The Italian haircut is an amazing style that suits every woman. It is suitable for all women, whether they are thin, curly, or straight. The style is attractive and flattering on any type of head, and a well-done haircut can captivate passers-by for hours. The styles below are some of the most popular types. Keep reading to learn how to achieve the perfect Italian cut for you! After all, the more information you have, the better.



The Italian haircut is a unique and versatile hairstyle for men. It can be worn by men of any age and appearance. It can be a great way to emphasize the facial features that a man is most proud of. A simple “Italian” can be styled with an arch on a long tress. The length depends on the structure and shape of the face. If you have a round face, you should not comb the bangs back as this will make your face look rounded.


A classic Italian haircut is short and slick with fringes at the sides and the forehead. These styles are ideal for people with square or diamond faces. They work best on dry skin, as this adds volume to the hair. They are also great for those with a U-shaped face, and can even last all day! The Italian haircut is a timeless, fashionable style for both men and women. There are many reasons to consider it for your next haircut.



A classic Italian haircut is ideal for young men, but it is also versatile enough to suit men of any age. A properly cut hairstyle can emphasize the facial features that make a man stand out. Avoid comb-back bangs if you have a round face; this will only make your face look rounder. It is best to avoid this cut if you have a large head and narrow shoulders. A skilled hairdresser can achieve the look that you want.


To achieve the look of an Italian haircut, you need to understand the philosophy behind the style. Rossano Ferretti was a top Italian barber when he founded his hair salons in Venice and Parma. He taught at the Accademia Fuga in Italy and has two locations in Chicago. He has also held dynamic cutting workshops at his Michigan Avenue salon. He is widely regarded as a leading hair stylist in the country.

Decorative elements


The Liberty style became popular in Italy between the end of the First World War and the mid-20th century, when simple lines and designs predominated. Hairstyles included the pixie and various types of headbands. The wristwatch, which symbolized modernity and emancipation, also reflected this trend. Art Deco jewelry included futuristic motifs and symmetrical compositions. It also reflected a free-thinking spirit and utilized new stonecuts.



There are many factors that go into determining the cost of an Italian haircut. For one thing, the haircut itself is expensive. An Italian haircut costs more than a standard American haircut. But don’t let the price tag turn you off. In this article, we’ll look at what to consider when determining how much an Italian haircut will cost. And, as always, remember that price is not the only consideration. The quality of a haircut also plays a big role.


If you’re going to Italy for your haircut, there are several places to choose from. You can try Antica Tintoria 14, which is located at Lungarno delle Grazie 14/16 in Florence. The former dyeing house has an excellent reputation for offering total look advice. The salon offers a variety of packages for varying costs. Some of them include full styling, color, and a visit to a luxury salon.