The Italian Haircut

Once, short hair was all about the French bob (think Lady Diana vibes). Now, however, Italian bobs have made a comeback and should be welcomed into our hearts and heads as one of the newest trends. Italian bobs feature an undulating neck-grazing cut with built-in texture and movement for a red carpet-worthy style. Wear them slicked back like Kaia Gerber or flip out beachy waves for red-carpet perfection.

Spiky Haircut

Spiked hair can be an excellent way to add volume and texture to a ponytail or pompadour style, perfect for casual or formal events alike, while pairing well with fade haircuts. To achieve the look, begin with clean and damp hair. Apply your preferred styling product focusing on areas where you would like spikes created. Use either your fingers or comb to shape the hair into desired spikes. This stylish men’s spiky hairstyle features a short buzz cut on the sides and back, complete with a combed-up side spike for added flair and confidence. This look exudes strength while exuding style! Ideal for fine or thin hair types looking to add volume, this style adds texture, volume, or can even disguise widow’s peaks! Finished off by its casual yet cool wavy spikes making this ideal for daily wear!

Braided Hairdo

Long thick hair that features two pulled braids and a low twisted bun is the ideal style to achieve an Italian aesthetic. To create this classic updo for formal events, divide your locks into four equal sections before beginning braiding – flipping section 1 over section 2, under section 3, flipping over again section 3, repeat until all strands have been interwoven together and your desired result achieved. Created using braiding techniques, this style is suitable for women with straight or wavy locks. If your locks are thin or fine, consider using texturizing powder to ease the braiding process. This stylish style seamlessly marries innovation and history into one perfect look, featuring an attractive smooth aside partition with fringes at the front that showcases your collar bones beautifully. Additionally, this look compliments any dress and looks great whether you are out enjoying the sun or attending formal events.

Long Hairdo

Italians tend to embrace their hair’s natural texture – whether wavy or curly – as they age. Additionally, lighter color tones on their long locks could give off a younger and healthier vibe. This lady is over fifty, yet still proudly wears her dark, luscious locks. In contrast to Dutch women who typically go for Kim Kardashian-inspired silver locks, many older Italian ladies tend to embrace long hair confidence by opting for natural-colored hues in their locks. This haircut features a medium to low fade at the sides, while its pompadour top part takes inspiration from Elvis Presley. Perfect for men with either straight or wavy hair textures and can be worn anywhere from official meetings to casual celebrations; ideal for oval-face shapes or those looking to keep formal dress attire casual; this classic Italian haircut never goes out of style!

Medium Hairdo

Italians have an amazing way of styling their hair that always seems fresh and trendy, from bobs to long, layered styles. A classic chin-length version of the bob is always popular among Italians; for an added layer of structure try using an angled, V-shape technique on its layers. For those with more wavy locks, a choppy Italian haircut might just be the right style to try. It showcases your collar bones to their full potential while the assortment of stylish curls brings out their features beautifully. Once your hair has been washed and dried with a towel, apply gel to certain strands before parting to one side and braiding with minimal fringes remaining behind. Enjoy this look for both casual or formal attire!