How to Cut Mens Hair at Home

More men than ever before are taking to self-cutting their hair at home, which may

initially seem daunting. But the process becomes relatively straightforward once you learn what steps to take to reward.


At first, you need to gather your tools. Be sure to have scissors (these from Amazon

are amazing!), comb, hair clips for holding sections back out of the way, and a mirror handy.

Additionally, set up your cutting area in an organized fashion so you don’t make too much mess or run out of room when working.

Dedicated hair shears should be used when cutting instead of everyday shears. These

shears are designed to be sharp and include a finger brace to facilitate cutting.

kitchen or paper scissors by family and guests in your home. Using dedicated shears makes

sharpening easier; additionally, they feature longer blades to accommodate thicker locks;

their handles provide comfort for both left- and right-handed users.


Combs are designed to separate sections of hair for cutting. When cutting someone else’s

hair, it’s essential that it be sectioned along its natural part so it is easier for you

to see precisely what you are doing, ensure a consistent length is reached.

If you want to add texture and graduation to the top of a classic men’s haircut, set your

comb’s guide at an angle instead of placing it directly above the head (picture A). This

technique can also be used for layers, texturizing, and blending different lengths


hair Clips

Clippers may help create a fade, close cut, or quiff with ease based on your desired look. They can add texture and volume by layering tiers onto the hair shaft.

Apply the clippers upward until you reach the nape of your neck and ears, using both mirror and touch to check that your length is appropriate. Clean up your hairline and ear arch using a comb to ensure an even and smooth result.

Cutting men’s hair at home may not be the most straightforward DIY task, but it can still be accomplished with planning and expert tips. Even if something goes wrong, your hair grows back eventually, if necessary, or additional trimming can always occur later.


Mastering a mirror when it comes to men’s haircutting is vital. A mirror can assist you with critical elements of the cut, such as sideburn lengths and fade heights; additionally, viewing both sides simultaneously will enable you to balance burns more efficiently.

After trimming the sides, begin cutting the top. If you are still getting familiar with how to do this, watch some videos and practice first before trying it on yourself. When done right, the process should be easy – keep the hair close to your head while working carefully until finished! A handheld mirror works best for this step, but stationary wall-hanging mirrors or 3-way adjustable mirrors may also do nicely!