Harry Styles Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Harry Styles is often associated with auditioning on The X Factor and becoming a worldwide phenomenon through the UK boy band One Direction. His signature curls give him a youthful and charming aesthetic that works with any haircut style.

Loose Curly Haircut

Harry Styles may be best known for his signature long locks, which have long been his trademark look. This trendy look features scissor cuts to the sides and nape of the hair while leaving longer pieces on top to emphasize natural curliness. A light-hold hair product should be applied to keep flyaways at bay; pomade can define the textured strands for an appealing ‘do. This look pairs perfectly with straight or side-swept bangs, making this style an excellent option for men with medium-length curly locks.

Slicked Back Haircut

Harry Styles knows exactly how to rock a classic slicked-back hairstyle – something wh, which men of all ages can be worn in many ways. To achieve this look, you will require a good pomade that provides a wet shine to your locks. This style is excellent for balancing out facial features while adding height.

Tapered Haircut

A classic tapered haircut is a simple yet chic style that’s effortless to maintain. Ask your barber to leave two to three inches of top hair while shaving down the sides and back to achieve it. This look works exceptionally well on men with curly locks, as the layers will add movement to their locks.

Short Haircut with Bangs

You can add style to any everyday look by adding bangs to your short hairstyle. This modern take on the classic fairy cut features longer, and shorter layers with volume-enhancing layers in between and crown hair pulled back to thick side-swept bangs for side sweeps for side-swept cracks – creating an effortlessly stylish yet chic hairstyle that requires only occasional texturizing product spritzes for upkeep!

If your chin-length bob is cut bluntly without layers, add long and loose bangs to frame your face and soften the cut. This cute style makes an excellent statement during casual date nights or quick coffee runs!