Style For Big Face – Blue Anime Model


A voluminous bob haircut looks great on a large face. This type of style is a good choice for long faces, but it also works on short faces. A voluminous bob is easy to maintain and adds a bit of width to the face. It should be a medium length, and sit just below the chin. This cut is also anti-ageing, and it’s an excellent choice for chubby faces.

A voluminous bob is a great style for big faces. It adds width to the face and highlights the cheek area. Medium-thick  is ideal for this style. It also makes the forehead look fuller. It is a simple and flattering style. It looks great with casual wear. Here are some tips for styling your voluminous bob. Let’s discuss some of the best styles for big faces.

Style For Big Face – Edgar Model


A great style for a big face is voluminous and styled with a side part. This style is very flattering for women with round faces and emphasizes their cheek area. The layered look also gives a shiny and even volume. The style is easy to manage and can be easily matched with a pretty necklace. In addition, it’s a great choice for chubby faces too.