Layered Haircuts That Give Volume

Long, straight hair can look uninspiring without proper layers to add movement and dimension. A few face-framing layers will add so much body and depth to your look! Get feathered layers that add soft, piece-y textures to your shag with help from celebrity stylist Ryan Richman and finish with lightweight texturizing spray for an effortlessly chic style that still looks effortless.

Blunt Cuts

A blunt cut is the opposite of messy, layered haircuts; it entails cutting all your strands directly across with shears for a uniform length. Though not ideal for thin strands, a blunt cut can make your locks appear fuller by eliminating dead ends and providing a smooth foundation. Medium-length strands look stunning when styled with this sleek chop styled with a deep side part, as shown in Olivia Culpo. It frames your face while emphasizing its natural movement for an eye-catching effect. Curly locks tend to have more volume than straight ones, yet blunt cuts may still be challenging to manage without appearing overly heavy with little texture or movement. Instead, work with your stylist to incorporate long layers with minimal visibility that create the appearance of volume without adding too much weight – this will help your curls bounce and keep the hair healthy-looking.

Long Layers

Long layers can add volume and movement to your mane without making it look heavy or dense, framing your face and creating the appearance of fuller locks. While they work on all hair lengths, long layers work best. Long layered styles are easy to maintain, versatile, and can be worn in various ways. Mindy Kaling made an impressionful entrance at the Ocean’s eight premiere, wearing her long, straight locks parted to one side with feathered layers framing them beautifully – adding an effortless beauty. Her ash-brown color was enhanced further with honey-blonde highlights for a truly gorgeous appearance. An inside-layered bob is ideal for thick, straight hair that needs additional volume. This cut adds short feathered layers to the hair to give a complete and fuller appearance.

Finger Waves

Finger waves have recently been revived due to performances (from Lady Gaga) and fashion shows (courtesy of Mansur Gavriel). This classic Hollywood look can add instantaneous elegance and glamour to any ensemble, providing a simple way to add that finishing touch. Luengas suggests that, depending on the length of your hair, finger waves can either be large or small in scale. To begin this style, divide it into top and bottom sections that go from ear to ear across your head’s back, then create vertical sections within each of these top and bottom pieces—applying styling gel to damp hair and mold rows of waves with your fingers for an effortless style. Once the desired shape has been reached, secure each row using duckbill clips before adding some hairspray for hold. Luengas recommends this finger wave technique as suitable for straight, refined, relaxed, and other hair textures.

Layers Only

Layered cuts can help lift long, thin locks without adding too much weight. Although this style works on all hair lengths, its benefits for those with delicate or light waves are especially evident, creating the appearance of fuller locks. You could pair a layered haircut with intricate highlights for even greater volume-boosting. For a voluminous yet chic style, try an extended layered cut featuring lots of lows and strategically placed highs, with a deep side part and face-framing waves for added edgy appeal. Use Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray for some texture to your extended layered cut and help your volume remain intact without appearing flat or unruly.