Haircuts For Women Over 65

Women over 60 who prefer shorter locks will appreciate a chic pixie hairstyle with layered layers and choppy bangs, perfect for younger-looking locks. A cool smoky gray shade and short bangs complete this youthful-looking look.

Refreshing your look to flatter aging locks is a simple way to revive your sense of beauty. Check out these in-vogue haircuts for over 65 and ask your stylist to replicate one.

Inverted Collarbone-Length Haircut

An elegant medium inverted bob with feathered layers is an ideal low-maintenance hairstyle for women over 60. Air-dried with a slight disheveled effect, this classy haircut makes styling easy while flattering all face shapes. Additionally, it serves as the ideal platform for color experiments such as this style featuring various blue shades on dark bases.

If your curls are naturally curly, this layered hairstyle can bring out their natural texture. Your stylist can add volume at the roots for fuller strands. To frame your face shape with this look, wear it with a center part and face-framing bangs; alternatively, style loose waves using beach wave mousse before finishing with dry texture hair spray to eliminate frizz and flyaways. This look works especially well on older women with thin locks because it creates the appearance of thickness and volume.

Messy Hairdo

If you prefer natural styles for your hairdo, this messy style might be just what’s needed to complete the look. Boasting short, choppy layers to form a nice wedge shape and side-swept bangs to complete it all – its blonde hue will help your complexion appear more ruddy and youthful!

Key to creating this messy look is using products that allow your locks to maintain their texture while providing that cool, disheveled appearance. Light mousse or sea salt spray are suitable options for fine hair while heavier products such as clays and pomades might work better with medium to long length locks.

Another wonderful aspect of this hairdo is its ease of maintenance: all you need to create it is a blow dryer to add volume, along with wax or pomade to secure it in place. Restyle this style at any time depending on whether your desired style is casual or formal.

Long Pixie

Pixie cuts are ideal for older women looking to save time on styling. This classic cut features short back and sides but longer top layers, creating an eye-catching face-framing aesthetic which can be styled many different ways – including adding a crown braid for an eye-catching boho aesthetic that still looks sophisticated.

Long pixie cuts can also be styled with a side part and bangs to frame your face in an eye-catching fashion. Experiment with colors for added depth. Bold hues require courage; for something subtler try pastel shades that compliment your skin tone for an eye-catching finish.

If you have natural curls, this long pixie haircut will accentuate them while adding volume and style to your style. Wear your locks slicked back for a classic look or use texturizing products to achieve piecey texture like Logan Browning does.

Layered Hairstyle

If you want to update your look without making dramatic changes, adding layers can give an instantaneous makeover. As seen on Brie Larson, layers can add dimension and frame the face beautifully.

Ensure your hair is long enough for layers to be cut into it if you would like a fuller and thicker appearance in your locks. A few strategically placed layers starting near the forehead and curling out toward your face may give this cut its distinctive shape and can add volume.

If you have shorter length hair, consider styling it into a neat bob with side parting for a classic look that doesn’t require much maintenance – plus, it will showcase your lovely gray locks! This classic look makes an excellent statement about you as an older woman!