Haircut Guide Tools

Several practical tools are available for those who want professional-looking haircuts without going to a salon. These tools ensure that you can achieve your desired haircut every time. Let’s take a look at some of these tools:

Cut Buddy

The Cut Buddy is a precise clipper line system and precision trimmers that help ensure an impeccable haircut line every time. Designed by Tony Litwinowicz, an aerospace engineer, this home barbering tool serves as an aid for cutting hair at home. It is perfect for those who want to save money by cutting their own hair or for salons looking to speed up their cutting processes.

The Flowbee

The Flowbee is a modern haircutting system created by Rick Hunts in 1986. It allows you to collect hair clippings as you cut, preventing them from ending up on the floor or your clothing. By attaching to a standard vacuum cleaner’s hose, the Flowbee uses suction power to pull in the hair at any length you desire and cut it precisely. It is suitable for both personal use and grooming pets or children.

The Conair Even Cut System

Trying to cut your hair at home can be challenging, especially when ensuring an even cut. The Conair Even Cut System eliminates this hassle by providing instant, perfect results with a button. This cord/cordless rotary cutting system with circular blades and comb guides is designed to cut hair uniformly at every length setting. It also comes with additional grooming accessories.

The CombPal Scissor