Choosing the Right Haircut For My Face Shape

An ideal haircut only fits some. Therefore, you must select one that complements and frames your unique face shape. Without assistance from apps that help determine your face shape and recommend appropriate hairstyles for you, a hair disaster could occur and leave you looking less than desirable. Luckily, some apps can assist in this regard and suggest options tailored specifically to you and your face structure.


This long, wavy layered bob with wispy fringe and side-swept bangs is one of the most flattering hairstyles for a rectangle face shape. Pair this look with formal eveningwear or ethnic wear when attending parties or reception events. Fabian suggests a pixie with short, textured front layers is one of the best styles to complement the rectangular face shape. This look emphasizes your eyes and cheekbones while giving an edgy look; its form also draws attention away from any prominent jawlines. Instead, opt for deep side-partings, to balance your features better.


As with clothing, haircuts don’t come in one-size-fits-all packages either. While most styles work for any face shape, specific cuts may be more flattering than others.

Medium-length layers look wonderful on oval faces, adding dimension and a fresh, flattering finish to your locks. Pair this look with a deep side part or blunt bangs for an effortlessly Instagrammable style that works for any event or special occasion. This year’s hottest hair trend combines mohawk fade with face-framing layers, seen everywhere from Ryenne Snow to Jennifer Aniston, and is sure to flatter follicles. Ask your stylist for this style with a taper fade, so the length is shorter on the sides but longer at the front for optimal effect.


A short pixie is one of the best haircuts for square faces as it slims your appearance without emphasizing your jawline. This style also works with curly and wavy locks by providing volume around your cheekbones that helps round them out. Add soft side-swept bangs for an even more feminine silhouette if you have long hair. Yara Shahidi’s elegantly coiffed strands soften her below-chin cut while simultaneously disguising any sharp jaw corners. The choppy, piecey lob is ideal for square face shapes as it deflects attention away from your firm jawline and highlights your high cheekbones. Add texture by loosely curling strands before spraying light-hold hairspray to hold the style all day.


Men with heart-shaped faces can rock many hairstyles, but one style that stands out is the short quiff. This hairdo features a shorter back and sides, while the top can be styled up or down to emphasize the cheekbones. On heart-shaped faces, side-swept fringes can add an aesthetic charm by narrowing the forehead and widening the jawline for a chiseled effect. Long bobs with sweeping layers are another ideal style choice for heart-shaped faces, like this long graduated lob on Ali Larter. Its eyebrow-skimming length accentuates her eyes while its piecey texture adds fullness around the chin area to help offset its tendency towards top-heaviness.


Diamond-shaped faces feature narrow foreheads and jawlines with prominent cheekbones. Finding an appropriate hairstyle to complement this face shape may prove challenging as you must balance wide cheekbones with slim forehead features. Curly shags can help diamond shapes by covering up a narrow forehead and creating the impression of wider cheekbones, like Bill Potts from Doctor Who, whose bangs frame half her forehead and make the impression of more enormous eyes. If you have short hair, try adding a side-swept fringe. This will take the attention off your narrow forehead while drawing attention to your stunning cheekbones. A quiff may also work as it adds volume to your facial structure.


Finding a haircut to match your face shape is one of the critical components to consider when searching for an appropriate style. Even an attractive cut may only flatter if it enhancesly enbalancesnd balance your features.

If you have a round face, layering up and texture are crucial to avoiding the unflattering hair helmet effect. Try opting for an eye-catching layered; textured bob cut like Rowan Blanchard’s to add visual interest and achieve more narrow features. Formal occasions call for a teased updo with volume at the crown to visually lengthen rounded facial features and frame your forehead with soft tendrils to soften and frame it.