Top 5 Coolest Haircuts For Boys 2020

An ideal haircut can do wonders to boost a boy’s confidence. Certain styles cater more towards young boys, while others look dapper and polished. Here are the top 5 most excellent haircuts for boys in 2020:

1. Low Taper Fade with Comb Over and Short Textured Bangs

These stylish cuts create a sleek, neat appearance and pair nicely with hair gel or wax for optimal styling.

2. Undercut Fade with Hard Part

This stylish haircut combines a low fade undercut with a hard part for an irresistibly elegant look, perfect for boys with textured hair. The hard part adds definition and even masks unevenness along an uneven hairline. American Crew High-Shine Pomade offers a stronghold for this style to last.

3. Fade with Shaved-Side Patterns

Adding curved lines can give a hairstyle an added element, like a shaved pattern in the front. This look is very masculine and perfect for teenage boys looking to show their personality and attitude. Alternatively, a low skin fade is an excellent option for those wanting a subtler style but still wanting contrast in their haircut.

4. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a short haircut designed to accommodate hair length and type differences, such as curly locks. Styling creams or gels gives curly locks a cleaner appearance while adding some texture. This style can make you appear intelligent and casual and is appropriate for most face shapes.

5. Surfer Haircut

The classic surfer look consists of long, shaggy blonde locks with tousled surfaces reminiscent of beach combing, often associated with surfers. Thicker, wavy hair types will find this style ideal; grow out your locks using hair wax to hold them in place. This look works exceptionally well on blonde guys with naturally sun-kissed locks; otherwise, bleaching or getting highlights done at the salon might be required to achieve it. A beard can also be added if desired.