How to Style Your Hair With Bangs

Straight or curly, bangs add a trendy flair to any look. Try opting for face-framing wispy ones to stay chic and modern. Townsend suggests using a dry shampoo wipe like Dove’s Between Washes to keep bangs looking their best between washes, as this works just as effectively without adding unnecessary build-up to hairspray.

Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs for thick hair look stunning when worn swept to one side and framing the face, drawing attention to your eyes while drawing more focus from larger face shapes. It seems especially striking when combined with a dark brown bob with volume at its base. An indecisive girl looking for something different should consider opting for a chin-grazing blonde pixie with side-swept bangs that is soft around the face, creating an eye-catching silhouette and suitable for all ages. This look works particularly well when worn as part of an all-over pixie-style haircut.

If you already have a short bob that you love, opt for long side-swept bangs to add dimension and create an eye-catching face-framing effect. This trendy style works wonders on all face shapes and hair textures; young women, look fantastic wearing this trend! To achieve it yourself, part your hair down the center and dry each strand using a heat protectant before using a blow dryer to style your locks.

Faux Bangs

Ask your stylist about face-framing layers if you’re seeking bangs but need more time to be ready to commit to a full cut. They work great for all hair types and add a bit of sophistication and sexiness to any look. Create a half twist for an alternative bangs-esque effect without the added maintenance. A texturizing spray that provides both volume and hold is necessary (try L’Oreal Kids Burst of Sweet Pear Tangle Tamer for All hair Types for best results). Beginning by brushing your hair to ensure it is free from knots and tangles, gather it up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Wrap the elastic around its base several times for extra security before parting off a thin strip from your ponytail so the ends fall over your forehead; pin in place if necessary.

Stick-Straight Bangs

Straight-haired women looking for something surprisingly chic will appreciate this style. To achieve it successfully, choose a straightener with heat protectants to prevent damaging their delicate strands by overheating. Trygstad suggests using a detangling comb on damp hair before blow-drying them in an ‘X’ pattern, pushing your fingertips back and forth to coax any wonky cowlicks out of shape, and then finishing them off with shine spray for an attractive sheen. If you have short bangs, frame your face with a side-parted bob in ashy blonde balayage to instantly flatter both cheekbones and forehead. Or channel your inner Cleopatra by rocking an inverted bob with ultra-short straight bangs that draw attention to eyes and cheekbones.

Long Bangs

Long wavy bangs add texture and dimension to a look but can quickly go flat if they become unruly or flatten more easily than their straighter counterparts. To protect these styles from flattening out more rapidly than their straight counterparts, use a heat protector such as Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repair and Moisture for Curly hair (our Beauty Lab pros recommend it!). If you have an oval face shape, eye-grazing full side-swept bangs will add softness and soften your frame. Just be mindful of any cowlicks at your forehead; with this style, they may require additional workaround. Choppy fringes add movement and softness to long black hairstyles with bangs, providing training. To achieve this look, our Beauty Lab experts suggest keeping up regular trims to maintain a lived-in textured appearance. Visual examples could also prove invaluable in getting your stylist on board when creating ideal bangs.