What hair Shades Are Right For You?

Whether you want Hilary Duff-esque turquoise or more natural cherry red locks like Keke Palmer’s, your stylist will consider your skin tone and eye color when selecting the most suitable hues.

hair color boxes contain three numbers; the first indicates the base level, while the secondary and primary reflects/tones can be found underneath it.

Chocolate Brown with Chestnut Tones

Chestnut brown is an irresistibly rich chocolate hue for brunettes, adding depth and dimension to their locks. Ideal for dark complexions while suiting light eye colors alike – Elizabeth Olsen and Jessica Alba have made Chestnut Brown famous with their look. Still, it can easily take on more delicate undertones, too!

This sun-kissed balayage highlights chestnut tones on dark brunette locks for an authentic, natural appearance. Ideal for cool skin tones, its seamless transition requires fewer touch-ups as it grows out.

Ginger with Orange Highlights

Strawberry blonde offers an alternative option for those seeking something outside the usual red shade; its combination of yellows and browns creates an electric hue, perfect for sun-kissed looks. Ginger tones can also enhance its natural beauty.

Auburn is another beautiful option for those seeking a warmer tone, boasting brunette and red tones that pair nicely with warm skin tones. Even better about Auburn is that it can easily be blended into a brunette balayage style!

Deep Purple with Purplish Hints

Dark purple offers a vibrant pop of color that works beautifully with pink and green shades, especially pink. This warm shade has hints of magenta for an almost hot pink appearance, making this an excellent hue to pair with brighter blues and yellows.

Mallow purple was named for its similarity to the flowers of a wildflower called mallow, which are named for their similar hue. This warm shade evokes feelings of relaxation and serenity, while its hint of cyan makes it lean towards the cooler side of the spectrum.

Old Lavender takes its name from its resemblance to dried lavender flowers, creating a relaxing and serene ambiance. A classic medium purple shade, Old Lavender is an excellent option for those who appreciate lilac purple but want something darker, featuring subtle traces of black and gray, which give this hue its distinct look.

Chocolate Brown with Chocolate Brown Highlights

When looking for a luxurious shade that complements warm skin tones and brown eyes, look no further than glossy chocolate brown. This color resembles caramel or espresso for maximum shine in your locks!

Brunettes with cool complexions may benefit from trying a rich chocolate hue with subtle ice-blonde highlights for an alternative approach to lightening their raven-black mane without opting for full-blonde shades. This color option provides the ideal solution to those seeking an easy solution without going all-out blonde.

Finding a balance between warmth and cool tones when lightening chocolate brown strands can be challenging, so for an elegant balayage process that remains subtle, ask for face-framing highlights in a creamy chocolate hue. Golden tones will soften your complexion, while brown shades add an earthy and natural aesthetic – this style makes an eye-catching statement during summer and gives fine or thin strands more volume so they look fuller.