Hair Porosity Test – Is That Really Straight?

If you are considering a new design but are unsure of what your options are, a hair porosity test can be a great way to narrow down your choices. Hair porosities are the difference between that shafts accepting shampoo and conditioner or not. Shampoo can strip hair from that, leaving it dry and brittle. Shampooing that more often than not also strips natural oils away making that dry and lifeless. A Hair porosity test will let you know which design or shampoo will work best for that type and how concentrated it’s ingredients are.


You may have wondered if a hair porosity test can really tell you what that type is. Or maybe you’ve already narrowed it down to one specific type and are just interested to find out if there’s a way to improve upon it. This type of analysis can tell you a lot about that, but only on a superficial level at best. Most people only find out their true Hair type after they’ve spent tons of money and time getting a design that doesn’t work for them. There’s no better way to go about finding out what that type is then to take a hair porosity test.

Importance of this Porosity Test

Many people wonder what the significance of a Hair porosity test is, especially when it comes to choosing designs for thinning hair transplant surgery. The Hair porosity test will let you know if that is suitable for certain designs or not. There are basically two types of this porosities: the natural hair porosity test (HPT) and the synthetic Hair porosity test (UST). Read on to learn more about hair porosities, their importance in hair styling, and the best design ideas for people with thinning hair.

Are you looking for a way to make sure that you always have Best style? If so then you definitely need to be aware of the fact that there are quite a few different methods that are used in order to determine the thickness of that as well as the general Hair porosity. A hair porosity test is something that is applied to many people who are constantly striving to look their best and one of these methods involves taking a hair sample and putting it into a cup. After that, you will then need to boil some water and then apply this to that and then wait till the water has cooled down before you can wash that using a normal shampoo.