How to Measure Your hair Length in Inches

If you want to know how long your hair is, you should know the length in inches. In fact, there are several ways to measure the length of your hair. You can use yardsticks or feet to illustrate inches and centimeters are not commonly used by sellers when setting the length of hair extensions. Here are some examples:

12 inches


If you want to achieve a stylish medium-length style, opt for a 12 inch haircut. This length is two inches longer than shoulder-length hair and falls just above the shoulders. In addition, this length falls directly below the mid-section of the head. Girls with medium-length hair that’s still manageable will appreciate this length. It will add a unique touch to any look and will make you stand out from the crowd.


The cost of a twelve-inch hair extension depends on several factors. Many providers charge a low price for cheap hair while others charge more for high-quality items. It is important to compare suppliers from different countries to find a cheaper alternative. Some companies even offer hair extensions that are up to 12 inches in length. Ultimately, you should choose a provider based on the cost of each service. The best way to choose a hair extension provider is to look for reviews and ratings online.



Listed below are different ways to measure your hair length in inches. This stage is usually considered medium-length. This stage is where your hair touches your ears and mid-thigh. It is also known as the bra strap and armpit length. Thigh-length hair is above the knee and stops at the top of your hips. Inches are also commonly used to measure hair that’s too long to wear under a dress.



Inches are a great way to measure hair length. Hair length varies greatly. Medium-length hair can reach to your tailbone, while mid-thigh-length hair extends to your calf. Knee-length hair stops at your knee, while calf-length hair falls down to your floor. A few beauties have knee-length hair, but most of us are only capable of growing it long enough to reach our ankles.



You may not realize it, but you have an armpit hair length in inches. It’s not uncommon, especially in males, to have an excess of armpit hair. These unwanted hairs are called “normcore” and are said to make the wearer look hotter and more attractive. Besides being a style statement, armpit hair can also attract a mate. Penelope Cruz has amazing armpit hair.


If you’re a woman, you can achieve a celebrity-worthy armpit hair length by having a waxing session. A celebrity waxer at Rita Hazan Salon, Lele Gomes, waxes armpit hair for a fee. It takes about a month to achieve luscious underarm tresses like Jemima Kirke. However, it’s important to note that a full-body waxing session takes at least two to three months, so be prepared for a hefty price tag.