Easiest Way to Measure Your Hair Length in Inches

hair length charts provide the quickest and easiest method for measuring the length of your locks in inches, though they may prove challenging when trying to differentiate between various sizes if your locks have waves or curls.

Hair length groups can be divided into three primary groups that correspond with body parts:

Short hair length can typically be divided into three groups – short, medium, and long. Short hair typically falls below ear length, while medium-size hits shoulder length before becoming mid-back length.

To measure your hair length, use a soft tape from where you wish to determine its length back to where your collarbone lies.

Medium Soft tape measures are the ideal tool for accurately measuring hair length. For the most accurate measurement, unwind the tape measure and find its end with smaller numbers; hold it between your thumb and pointer finger for best results.

Medium haircuts typically cover from your collarbone on one side to just over your shoulders on the other, and any haircut reaching below the armpits is considered long.

Straight hair may shift downward at this level, while wavy or curly tresses might still be sticking up, necessitating regular deep conditioning for healthy and lustrous locks.