hair Jail Ingredients

hair Gel

hair gel has come a long way from its association with outdated hairstyles of the past. Nowadays, influencers and models use high-quality hair gel to achieve sleek and polished looks that enhance their personal brand. This versatile gel is not only great for creating sleek ponytails and sleek backs, but it also helps control flyaway pieces and frizz. Its formula includes nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and natural oils. Unlike some other styling products, this gel doesn’t flake or leave an oily residue, and it has a medium hold and semi-glossy shine that is easy to wash out.


Aminomethyl Propanol (AMP) is a colorless liquid used as a pH adjuster in cosmetic products. It helps maintain safe pH levels in hand soaps, sanitizers, and other products. AMP has also shown antimicrobial properties.

PVP k-series

PVP K-Series is readily soluble in water and most organic solvents and comes in various molecular weight grades. Commonly referred to as Povidone, it has excellent film-forming, adhesiveness, and chemical stability properties. In case of exposure, rinse the skin immediately, and in case of ingestion, drink plenty of water and seek medical assistance.

Cationic Polymers

Cationic polymers have gained attention as carriers for nonviral gene delivery due to their efficient transfection and reduced cytotoxicity properties. Alkenes with pi-donors like oxygen and nitrogen, such as Styrene, Isoprene, and vinyl ethers, are suitable candidates for cationic polymerization. Introduction of gemini surfactants or synthesis of monomers containing geminis is another effective method to incorporate cationic groups. These cationic polymers find various applications, including coating paper products with gemini coatings.