Choosing the Right hair Curling Iron

hair Type and Length

Choose a curling iron that suits your hair type and length.

Nilofer Farjo suggests an iron that distributes heat evenly to avoid damage.

Rotating curling irons are ideal for long hair to prevent creases and bend.

Heat Settings

Select the appropriate heat setting for curling your hair.

The temperature depends on texture, thickness, and treatments.

Use low heat for fine or chemically damaged strands and higher heat for thicker or coarser hair.

Gradually increase the temperature to achieve the desired curls.

Barrel Material

The material of the curling iron barrel affects the outcome.

Ceramic is best for damaged or treated hair, titanium for thick locks, and tourmaline for reducing frizz.

Smaller barrel size (3/4-inch) for tight ringlets, 1-inch for versatile styles, and more significant for looser waves.

Always use heat protection to prevent damage.

Gold-Plated Technology

Some curling irons have gold plating for fast styling and improved look and hydration.

Ceramic-plate irons distribute heat evenly, and titanium or tourmaline irons reduce frizz.

FHI offers a fast curling iron with high-temperature capabilities and additional benefits.

Let Your Curls Cool

Ensure your hair is dry and cool before curling to avoid frizz and shape changes.

Let your curls cool entirely before unclipping or brushing.

Pin your curls for a natural look, and use texturizing spray for hold and volume.