How to Get the Blonde Brown Hair Color You’ve Always Wanted

Are you seeking a change? Consider opting for a bright and lively blonde hue as a complementing upgrade for your dark locks. Not only is the lived-in dimensional style appealing across complexions, but it is low maintenance, reducing salon visits over time.

Staying true to your new hair color requires extra TLC: use a conditioning mask and sulfate-free shampoo, and consult a stylist when switching it up – to avoid damaging locks!


Nothing makes a bolder statement than rich caramel brown hair with blonde highlights that play up your best features. For a more subdued approach, ask your colorist to highlight only the ends of your mane or apply lowlights that define its natural structure.

Warm baby lights provide an elegant yet subtle hair color option that adds dimension and dimension without frequent salon visits. This soft, light-on-the-ends hue accentuates wavy and curly brunette locks for a lived-in, lived-out style without needing monthly appointments with the stylist.

As a beginner to balayage, start out by starting with a more dramatic touch-up appointment than usual. Your colorist will add face-framing platinum blonde pieces around your face to brighten it and prevent brassiness between salon visits. Once your new shade has settled in properly, use only color-safe shampoos with no sulfates to keep its shine and vibrancy in check, and experiment with deep conditioning treatments to keep your strands hydrated and soft.


With balayage color, you can achieve sun-kissed highlights without the noticeable demarcation of foil highlights. Instead, your stylist will freehand paint light shades of bleach onto small sections of hair for an unobtrusive and natural highlight effect.

Your highlights should start light near your face and gradually darken toward the ends to mimic natural sun-kissed strands. This gradual placement helps avoid noticeable grow-out and gives you flexibility between appointments.

Brunette hair colorists looking to lighten without subjecting their roots to harsh heat should consider this technique a safe way to lift their color without risk. A Brazilian Bond Builder will protect the integrity of your strands as you lighten them, making lightening less likely to break them and damage strands.

An array of honey and blonde highlights adds an adorable feminine flair when combined with short, choppy layers or curly locks.


Ombre hair color techniques involve gradually shading from two or more shades to achieve a soft transitional effect. It is ideal for brunettes looking to lighten their locks without dramatic change, and for blondes seeking natural-looking, low-maintenance styles.

Sombre is a more subdued version of ombre that reduces the contrast between darker roots and lighter ends by applying multiple shades. For an even subtler fade, try soft copper or golden tones.

Go for pastel pink and blue ombre highlights on medium-length hair for an eye-catching, playful look! Play around with different tones like Rumer Willis did by mixing dark brown with bright yellow-blonde highlights – remember to use sulfate-free shampoos so your color lasts longer. Unlike bleach hair, somber won’t grow out quickly, so touch-ups should only happen every four to five months.


If you like the idea of blonde highlights but are looking for an elegant and mature hue option, consider baby delicate balayage applied highlights over a chocolate brown base for an easy yet natural-looking finish. Wavy hair types significantly benefit from this look as the highlights work to contour with movement to add depth.

Add highlights to dark hair using highlights by selecting a lighter shade than your current hue. Strawberry blonde hues provide an incredible golden shine to warm skin tones, perfect for women wanting an ‘I woke up like this’ look without going super light.

Pintura highlights are an easy, low-maintenance way to add subtle shine and depth to any face shape or complexion. This technique involves hand painting individual strands of hair using a freehand paintbrush – making this option the ideal solution for ladies seeking low-maintenance highlights with beautiful, natural results.