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Meet all the interesting characters on Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch, an American animated cartoon show from the late 1970s. The hairdo-loving hair-don’t-tie-do of this Bear is depicted as a sidekick who appears in many episodes. He’s a lovable character who enjoys the attention that the attention brings him. Check out these beautiful styles for your daily style!

After a couple years the country went Hair Bear Bunch crazy. The nation seemed to be on a mission to find the best way to get our hair cut and styled in the shortest amount of time possible. At the time we were all looking for the newest style that would make us look super cool and more likeable. There was no longer a need to go to the barber shop, we could just blow up our Hair and take it to the nearest beauty salon. So that is what the modern Model trend is: blowing our hair up so that it looks more like a super cool super hero.

Formally titled Help! It is The Model!, it is The Hair Bear Bunch! which was based on an ursine Hogan’s Heroes episode that starred three screwball bears that live in a strange zoo where they engage in constant bickering, fight to the death, and generally get into trouble.

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Formally titled Help! It is The Hair Bear Bunch! this Hanna Barbera animated cartoon was in fact a spin-off of the successful Rugrats series, and was basically an ursine version of Hogan’s Heroes. In the story, a group of bears (resembling the Fantastic Four) live in a wart-shaped city named Halloweensville. There is an ongoing battle between the Good Boys and the Bad Boys, and each side uses several unique weapons and gadgets to attack their opposition.

Formally titled Help! It is The Hair Bear Bunch! this Hanna Barbera animated series was essentially a version of Hogan’s Heroes, which it featured three anthropomorphic screwballs who reside in Wonderland Zoo where they deal with wacky daily problems and always get out for some good time on the town. Unlike the Heroes, this series does not have any superheroes so you might find yourself skipping episodes a few times because you will get bored with the same story.

Formally known as Help! It is The Hair Bear Bunch! This Hanna-Barbera animated series was in concept an ursine Hogan’s Heroes, in which it featured a trio of screwball bears who reside in a city called Wonderland Zoo where they deal with the issues of life and society, always slip out for an evening on the town and barging for better living standards. This show lasted eleven seasons and is still watched by fans to this day. But if you want to get a few Hair bear growing ideas in creating your very own hair bear style, you’ll want to read on.

Coolest New Style Series

The hair bear bunch is back again with a brand new series of animal inspired styles. The new season brings five different animals inspired styles, each one more unique than the last. We take a look at our favorite five and why they are so cool and different this year. Fashionista Jennifer Lopez is one of many celebrities who sport this fabulous Hair bear bunch. This style comes from the “Walking with the King” project. Check out our latest design video to see the star in all her latest cut, it’s a real head turner!