Long Hair Styles for Guys

One of the biggest questions get asked is, what are the best guys long hairstyles? Here we have assembled this ultimate guide, divided into categories, for your benefit.

Favorite Guys Long Hairstyles

We have featured our favorite guys long hairstyles, but then you will need to decide which of these are best for you. Some of the top guys long hairstyles are described below.

Long Hair Guys: The shag style, also known as the Mohawk, is among the trendiest styles for guys long hair. It’s a short hairstyle that is held up by a barrette or ponytail and it looks best when left in its natural state. This style is good for people who want to look sporty and casual but may not have the time to spend on a full time perm.



Guys Bob Long Hairstyles

Bob Long Hair: There are a lot of different kinds of bob haircuts for guys long hair, so it can be confusing. We recommend that you look for pictures online to find some inspiration. We recommend that you go with a Bob haircut if you want to have a simple, clean look, which is suitable for the office environment.

Buzz Haircut: This is one of the more modern haircuts for guys long hair, and for good reason. It looks great and you can get some real funky vibes from it.

Traditional Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles: If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated than the traditional long tress styles, try short hair. If you are not quite ready to take the plunge, then you can try short tress for the weekend. A short tress style is usually easier to maintain than long hair, and it is usually a great option for work.

Medium Length haircuts: These are the longer haircuts, and the ones that may just work for some guys. We recommend going a bit longer on your hair, depending on your body type, and the look you are trying to create.

Don’t forget, long hair takes time to grow. So keep that in mind when you decide on hairstyles!



Cool Hairdo

Long Hair Guys: Medium length haircuts are great for guys with long hair. If you want to add some height to your look, then you can opt for long tress cuts, which are perfect for men with a medium thickness of hair. If you don’t want to give your tress that much height, then going shorter can also look cool, especially if it is very thick.

These haircuts are also great for guys with medium length hair. It doesn’t matter how short your tress is, because it will look great on these haircuts. and they are perfect for all occasions. Just make sure that your bangs match up with your style and that the length is not too long or too short.



Easy To Maintain Tress

This is another one of the best styles for guys long hairs because it is so easy to maintain. You won’t need to go through the trouble of styling your tress every morning or even evening. Just brush it will look great until bedtime!

This is the classic long hairstyle that works well with any look and is great for both genders. This is a great style that looks great on men and women. It also gives you a classic look and is comfortable enough for those that have to go out on a regular basis.

This is a versatile style and looks good on both men and women. If you are looking for a quick change up, then a box is an excellent choice as well.



Choose Best Hairstyles

Long hairs styles for guys are all around the internet, so it is easy to find the style that suits you the best. Just do a quick search and you will see that there are plenty of good options available. Don’t worry about getting a hairstyle that is too complicated or too short or too long – just stick to the basics and get the look you want.

Attractive Hairdo

There are a lot of guys with long hairs out there looking for something new to do with their hair. These are guys who have had it for years but just don’t seem to find any reason to keep their tress up. The following hairs styles are designed for guys with long tress who want to get a little creative.

Most of these hairs styles presented here are perfect for long tress that is long enough to comfortably tie back. These days, many guys grow out it about a year or two, or it is already at about 8 or 9 inches in length. If you are still dealing with very awkward stage hair, then check this article out for some tips and ideas on how to get through the awkward period. You might find that these styles can make your tress look even better and more coordinated than what it is now.



Great Hairstyle

One great hairs style for guys with long hairs is to pull the tress down all the way so it reaches just above your neck line. This will make the tress look sleek, but you should not be able to see the ends. You can pull it down to make it look a little longer. To get a great look, you can use your hands to hold back your tress and pull it down a bit at a time. This is a very easy hairs style to do, and you don’t have to worry about your style falling apart because it doesn’t tie back into the headband that normally holds it up.

Awesome Hairdo

Another great option for guys with long hairs is to keep it short and make it longer in some areas. Guys with longer mane usually like to keep their mane up around their ears. With shorter hair, this is easy because they can tuck in their mane and keep the rest of their mane longer. They can even tuck some of their mane away from their face and roll it into a ponytail, which makes it look much sleeker.

Simple Hairstyles

Guys with long mane have another choice, and it is the one we’ll talk about in the next article. It is called a buzz cut, and it’s perfect for guys with very long hair. This is simply a long pixie style that cuts the mane all the way to the side and leaves the top a bit longer.

Longer mane looks great when it is parted down the middle, but if you have very long mane you can also go straight across the bottom and make it look great. Guys with long mane may want to consider taking their mane down to their shoulders too. It’s easier for them to work with their face, since the length is less of an issue. This will allow them to keep the rest of their mane down too and also give their mane some body to it.

Popular Hairdo

If you want to try something different, you can try going braided. This is a popular trend and is easy to do. There are many different braids that you can wear for different looks, such as short braids, long braids, wavy braids, etc.

Hair extensions are a great option for guys with long hair. With extensions, you can make your mane longer by adding a little more hair. These are typically worn up the sides of the head, like the mane over the ears. It takes a while for your mane to grow back, so it may take a few weeks to achieve the full look, but it will be worth it for the look it will give your face.

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Easy Hairstyles

Long hair for guys is not just about looking good, but also about being comfortable with your appearance and style. All guys have different mane needs so it will be best to know the type of mane that you have first before deciding which hairs style will work well for you.

Most of the hairs styles presented here are suitable for men who have long hair. This means that it has been growing for at least one year and a half or it is at least 9 inches long. If you are still struggling with uncomfortable stage hair then check out this article for useful tips and guidance on how to overcome the uncomfortable stage. There are also several long hairs styles that work well for those who are already comfortable with their appearance.

Classic Mohawk Hair Design

One of the best looks for men with long hair is a classic mohawk. It can be done easily at home by cutting a single section from the tresses at the front and adding a comb, scissors and some tweezers to finish it off. For added style, choose the best accessories such as the mohawk headband, a scarf, sunglasses and even a hat.

Another very popular hairs style for guys with long tresses is a crew cut. These haircuts are quite versatile and easy to do. All you need is a pair of scissors, a comb and an iron. Just start by trimming the length and style down to about one inch. Finish off with the comb or other accessory that will complete the look.

Natural Looking Hairstyle

Long hair with bangs is not only stylish, but it can also be attractive. For the best bangs for men long hair for guys short tresses style, use a flat iron. Take the sections of tresses at the front and back of your head, and then take the sections down to create the shape of a bun. This way you will have a shorter and more natural-looking hairs style that will look really good on men with long hair.

The longer tresses on top is often referred to as spiked hair, which makes it very fashionable. This look is great for guys with medium length tresses as it will provide more coverage and it will add height to the hair. With a pair of side parted bangs or a guy can add a dash of drama.

Cute Curly Hairstyles

For curly hair there are two options. First, you can curl it yourself with a flat iron or you can buy a braid that is easy to do. The latter option is easier, but more expensive. Braid it in any direction that you prefer to form a braid or in layers for a professional looking look.

If you have medium length hair then you can try a layered look using layers of different lengths to create a look that is similar to that of short hair. If you don’t mind taking hair extensions, then why not give it a go with layers of hair on top of each other. Hair extension kits are available that you can use to add extra length to the top section of your head. With both of these looks you can add variety to your look.

Trendy Hairdo

Short hair is usually a little more difficult than other types of hair because it tends to be softer. Guys with long hair should wear a tie to keep the tie at a right angle and keep hair out of the face. If you want to make your tie a bit more formal than just wear it around the neck. To help add texture to your look choose a shirt with a plaid pattern on the collared shirt and dress down to a pair of khaki pants with a navy blue shirt.

Advantage of Braids Hairdp

For guys with short hair you can take advantage of the look of braids or other hairs styles that are created by a large number of sections. Braids that are pulled back into tight ponytails can be made from sections of hair that are either thinned or thick. If you find yourself with a few thick sections then taper the ends into a pony tail. For guys with long hair take sections of hair and make a bun and taper them into a tight bun or use a hair spray or gel to smooth out areas.

Professional Hairstyles

When guys have long hair, you should make sure that you get a trim or style every so often. It can be hard to keep up with having long hair if you don’t have it long. It’s also not always easy to manage when it’s growing out as well. So when you have it, you might want to consider taking it to a professional and have him give it a trim.