Growing My Hair Out: Tips for Men

Factors Affecting hair Growth

Men may feel discouraged from growing their locks due to concerns about regretful hair growth. While some factors affecting hair growth, like genetics and medical conditions, cannot be controlled, others, such as diet, stress levels, and sleep habits, can be.

Be Ready for Awkward Phases

When growing out hair from a buzz cut, awkward phases are inevitable. However, don’t give up! Instead, be prepared for these stages by stocking up on styling products and trying new styles like slick-backs and buns. You can also consult a barber to thin out your sides while growing out the top layer to maintain a more balanced haircut.

Take Care of Your Hair

To expedite hair growth, taking care of your hair is essential. Get adequate rest, consume a nutritious diet, and manage stress levels. Brush your hair daily to distribute natural oils evenly, but avoid over-washing to prevent dryness and breakage. Aim for two or three washes per week and focus on conditioning instead.