How to Speed Up the Process of Growing Hair Out

Growing out your locks takes time. There’s no magical shampoo out there that can speed up this process. Keep these tips in mind; soon enough,, you’ll be rocking thick locks!

1. Be Patient

Growing out your hair takes patience and care, but with the proper tips, you can make the process less arduous–and reach your Rapunzel-length goals more quickly! Avoiding damage is crucial in expanding your hair length. That means taking good care with shampoo, heat protectants, and regular trims to prevent mullet effects and not bleach or dye your locks too frequently. Attaining optimal health requires eating well, including foods rich in protein and zinc. Furthermore, consider including hair-health supplements like GRO Biotin Gummies, which contain folic acid and zinc, for added support during your transition phase of hair growth. By employing these expert-recommended strategies in your routine, you can start enjoying this part of the journey while looking great too!

2. Take Care of Your Hair

Many men may be wary of transitioning away from low-maintenance buzz cuts, but properly styling your locks is the key to successful growth. Proper nutrition allows hair to develop faster and healthier. Brushing regularly will distribute natural oils throughout your locks and prevent tangles that can arise with long hair. A wide-tooth comb is also essential in this regard. As well as including leafy vegetables and fish in your meals, eating foods high in proteins, zinc, and biotin may also be helpful – try including GRO Biotin Gummies as part of a supplement program! Finally, make sure to condition your locks regularly with wide-tooth combs. Rubber bands should also be avoided as these pull on your hair and cause breakage; use clear hair bands to prevent further strand damage.

3. Get Regular Trims

Though cutting your hair when trying to grow it out might seem counterproductive, regular trims are essential to healthy strands and can prevent further trauma later. Your barber or stylist will consider your goals (and goals!) and design an optimal maintenance schedule suited for you. Failing to trim regularly can result in split ends that break off and damage, slowing growth. Maintaining healthy strands for extra long lengths is essential to prevent excess damage and ensure maximum growth potential. Redway suggests getting your locks trimmed every eight to ten weeks while growing them out. Depending on how often you bleach, dye, or use hot styling tools (i.e., bleaching/dying/heat styling tools), more frequent trims may be necessary to keep locks healthy. A daily scalp massage and the high-quality hair products will also help stimulate anagen phase growth.