Grey Braids Hairstyles

Grey braids hairstyles are fashionable and sophisticated. They work well on women of all ages. Judi Dench wears her gray pixie with minimal maintenance and perfect style. She adds an extra dimension by sporting a bang for added impact. Utilize cute front twists, French braids, bandanas, and buns to camouflage the demarcation line of your growing-out hair and make transitioning smooth!

Short Box Braids

Make an impression statement with short box braids! Bundle them in an off-center bun for an ultra-chic and trendy style. Showing off these new braids will look even better, and adding accessories can further enhance this style. Another charming and easy way to wear short box braids is by sweeping them into a central parting. This style works best for those with delicate features or slim facial structures. Pull back your brief box braids for an elegant updo that will draw attention to your beautiful blue eyes. This style is perfect for formal events such as work parties and weddings.

Ombre Grey Braids

If you need more time to be ready to commit to full grey hair, an ombre shade could be the ideal compromise. Starting dark at the roots, this style gradually lightens towards the ends for an integrated appearance that pairs beautifully with protective braiding techniques. Colorful braids have quickly become one of the hottest trends. Showcase your playful side with this fun trend by trying an eye-catching blue ombre style for an instant pop of color to any look. Perfect for long natural braids, or add extensions for even longer braids. For a subtler gray ombre style, ask your stylist to color only your face-framing layers a darker shade for an enhanced blend. Complete your stylish and classy look by wearing two high pigtail space buns for an eye-catching finish.


Common belief holds that hair must be cut short when it turns grey. But if that isn’t quite what’s on your mind just yet, trying out some cute braids could be an enjoyable and effective way to keep your locks in style until it comes time for a change. Lilla Rose Flexi clips make a striking accent for a French braid tuck! Choose rose gold to highlight the beautiful hue of gray braids. If you want to give your gray braids an unconventional aesthetic, try this space bun hairstyle. Pull tight sections across your forehead and knot them to achieve this chic style. You’ll love how great it makes you feel!

Crochet-Style Updo

A bold crochet braid is needed if you want a unique hairstyle that will stand out. Create this eye-catching style using Marley or kanekalon hair for an eye-catching appearance that will leave a lasting impression. Crochet offers the unique advantage of providing length and texture while simultaneously protecting natural hair. Furthermore, crochet can be used to craft pixie cuts for shorter locks while still looking beautiful. This stylish style features jumbo crochet braids paired with side sweeps for an adorable, textured look that’ll make you feel runway ready from day one. Although this look can be created using any color combination, we love using pink as the leading tone!

Side Sweep

Longhairs who enjoy wearing their locks long can experiment with various chic looks. This silver fox, gray braided look with deep side-swept bangs looks fantastic, no matter your complexion. A French braid effectively transforms gray tresses and can be incredibly flattering on women over 50. Add an elegant Lilla Rose decorative bobby pin for extra flair! Those looking to step outside their comfort zones with fashion should try an upside-down French braid with a pop of purple for an eye-catching and unique look. Not only will this stylish hairstyle turn heads, but it is also ideal for mother-of-the-bride faces or wedding events!