Great Clips Women’s Haircut

Great Clips is one of the largest salon chains worldwide, with over 4,400 salons nationwide. Their stylists are professionally trained to offer salon services tailored to each hair length and texture type. They specialize in bobs, blunt cuts, bangs, layers, neck trims, beard trims, and bang trims at affordable prices with short wait times.

Great Clips Jersey City

Great Clips is a national chain of hair salons known for offering an extensive selection of haircut styles and services tailored to different lifestyles, hair lengths, and textures. Their trained stylists specialize in long and short types for women, bob cuts, and updos. They offer affordable pricing with shorter wait times compared to other salons. Haircuts at Great Clips average $15 and include trimming and conditioning treatments at no additional charge. Prices may vary by location.

Great Clips offers more than haircuts; they also provide hair styling services such as blowouts and formal styles. These services can be included in a new haircut package or purchased separately. Great Clips also sells products for home care and styling needs. They offer more affordable prices than full-service salons due to not providing services like highlights and color. Customers can visit without waiting for an available stylist, making it ideal for last-minute visits. Great Clips operates thousands of locations nationwide, each owned and managed by a franchisee. Pricing for salon services may vary between locations. They provide an online check-in app that shows estimated wait times at nearby salons and delivers product promotions and haircare tips.

Great Clips Staten Island

Great Clips is a renowned hair salon with low costs and short wait times. They offer services such as haircuts, color, highlights, perms, and shampoo/conditioner treatments at competitive rates. Their online check-in feature allows customers to check in from home, saving them time. The salon provides various hairstyles for men, including fades, crew cuts, and undercuts, tailored to individual face shapes and hair lengths. Layers and bangs are also available options. Haircuts at Great Clips typically cost $15 on average, less than other salons. They also provide beard and neck trims at discounted rates. Great Clips operates over 3,300 locations nationwide. They support local charities and professional sports teams and sponsor fundraisers and community events. Great Clips does not provide hair coloring or highlights but offers other services like straightening, Brazilian blowouts, perms, formal styles, and a selection of wigs.

Great Clips Evergreen Plaza

Great Clips provides quick and convenient haircut services at an affordable price for men, women, kids, seniors, and even pets. Their experienced stylists specialize in various styles, including fades, crew cuts, and beard and neck trims. They pride themselves on tailor-made haircuts, keeping track of preferences through their Clip Notes system. The salons offer competitive prices, short wait times, and walk-in appointments. They have many locations throughout the U.S., each setting their prices. Online check-in is available for convenience. Great Clips also provides styling, shampooing, and shampoo services, with a selection of bob and blunt cuts. Other benefits include neck and beard trims, bang trims, hair styling, and perming (additional charge). Pricing depends on hair length and texture.