5 Good Haircuts For Black Men

Afro Skin Taper

A skin taper haircut for black men features closely shaved sides and an upward-rising top that looks great with afro-textured hair. It can be easily maintained with moisturizing conditioner and pomade.

Burst Fade

The burst fade has been a popular hairstyle for black men since 2012. It highlights natural textures, complements beards and stylish hair designs, and looks excellent with afro-textured hair.

Buzz Cut

An excellent haircut for black men should emphasize natural hair texture. The buzz cut features a high skin fade that shows off kinky coils and adds an edgy finish with bleached twisted curls.

Low Haircuts with Sharp Lineups

Low haircuts with sharp lineups are an excellent choice for black men in 2019. This style requires little maintenance, looks great with curly or short dreads, and is suitable for busy schedules.


The fade is one of the most sought-after hairstyles for black men. The undercut features closely cropped sides that taper off into longer lengths on top suits all face shapes and hair textures, and looks fantastic with beards or full dreadlocks.

Short Afro Fade

A short afro fade haircut is a sleek and well-groomed way to embrace natural hair texture for black men. It requires low maintenance and can be styled with durags or combs.

Fade with Lineup and Side Design

ThisThis stylish hairstyle combines a fade with a lineup and a small side design for those with long, kinky curls for those with long, kinky curls. The short sides make the afro stand out, while the sharp edge contrasts its rounded profile.

Hi-Lo Fade with Growout Beard

The hi-lo fade with a growout beard is a timeless and eye-catching style. It showcases an afro while adding sophistication. Regular washing and brushing are essential for maintaining this style.

Long Afro Fade

The long afro fade is ideal for black men with naturally curly hair. It showcases natural curls, is easy to maintain with regular brushing, and looks excellent with durags or hats.

Low Bald Taper or Temp Fade

Low bald taper or temp fade haircuts create contrast with short sides and give a clean cut to top hair. Adding an undercut hairline completes this classic and sophisticated style.

Fade with Sharp Surgical Line

The clean line-up haircut consists of closely cropped sides blending into a long top styled in sponge curls or mohawk. It can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair textures.

Afro Fade with Straight Fringe

This style highlights kinky curls by combining an afro fade with a straight fringe. Adding a low skin, temple, or burst fade creates additional contrast. Shaved designs through the fade give this style an edgy look.

Fade with Sharp Line on the Side

The high fade haircut with a side bang is a trendy choice for men with curly locks. It adds height and frames the face beautifully. Adding a carved line at the forehead elevates this classic haircut.

Remember to keep locks nourished with natural oil to maintain this style with minimal upkeep.