Godiva Secret Wigs – Bringing Classic Hair Styles to Life

Godiva’s Secret Wigs are available in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. Sizes are listed alphabetically. Please note that these are approximate measurements and may vary slightly from the actual product. Wigs may be up to a quarter-inch longer or a half-ounce heavier than listed. Wigs are available in regular and rooted colors.


The price of Godivas Secret Wigs is not cheap. In fact, if you have been thinking of getting one of these, you will be shocked to know that these wigs are made by a third party. You should be aware of this fact before you purchase one.


Godiva’s Secret Wigs are made with the highest quality synthetic fiber available. This fiber is called Kanekalon, and contains organic substances that make it look and feel more natural than any other synthetic fiber. The colors also closely resemble the color blend of human hair. Kanekalon is also subjected to extreme heat treatment during manufacturing to prevent the fibers from breaking during combing.

Average life span

If you are looking for the highest quality synthetic wigs that can be used to restore your hairline, Godiva’s Secret Wigs are an excellent option. Made from high-quality synthetic fiber called Kanekalon, these wigs have the closest resemblance to human hair. This synthetic fiber contains organic substances that make it appear more natural than other synthetic materials. Also, Godiva’s Secret wigs use color blends that mimic human hair color. Additionally, during the manufacturing process, Kanekalon is subjected to high heat to prevent breakage.

Godiva’s Secret Wigs come in different styles. Some are handcrafted, while others are machine-made. While the latter option offers some latitude in density and length, the wigs are always of the highest quality. The average life span of a Godiva Secret wig is four to five weeks.

Godiva’s Secret wigs are airy and light like real hair, but they are not as realistic as human Hair. As a result, they don’t look as real as hair that is thick and dense. Nevertheless, they can last for many years with proper care. Generally speaking, Godiva’s Secret wigs are durable, but the longevity of your wig will depend on how well you take care of it.

Customer service

Customer service at Godiva’s Secret Wigs is a nightmare! I’ve tried contacting the company several times and have never had any luck. The representatives are rude and unhelpful. I can’t believe how little I can trust them! I’ve decided to go on the internet and find a better service.

Godiva’s Secret Wigs offers a range of hair replacement options for women suffering from alopecia. The company is a family-run business and caters to the needs of women facing Hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia. It also offers wigs for women who travel a lot and want to maintain their style. Godiva’s Secret Wigs has two retail locations in Southern California and ships worldwide.

Customers can make an appointment with a consultant at Godiva’s Secret Wigs to discuss their specific needs. The consultant will either have a wig in their inventory that matches the customer’s Hair color or order one from their website. However, if you don’t find the perfect wig in stock, the consultant can still assist you.