5 Funky Bob Hairstyles

Funky bob hairstyles are an exciting way to show off your unique style. Choose from various options that match any event or special occasion.

1. Short Layered Bob

Opt for a short layered bob if you want a stylish yet chic look. This stacked cut will flatter all face shapes while adding texture to your hair. Wear it with or without a side fringe.

2. Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is an attractive style that goes well with many hair colors. This angled haircut features a classy layered back and long face-framing front strands to frame the face, making this an excellent option for women wanting a feminine, yet no bangs look. The style also pairs perfectly with any type of dress and looks especially striking with light blonde highlights.

3. Layered Bob

Layers add texture, movement, and volume to bob haircuts. They also enhance wavy styles by softening their curvatures while giving straight styles an eye-catching twist. For an optimal result, seek a cut that creates the appearance of fullness and dimension; thick-haired clients could opt for a long shaggy layered bob with side fringe graduation. Use balayage effects to add some life and vibrancy to your layered bob, creating an instant pop of color for a fresh, youthful appearance.

4. Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is an elegant hairstyle that can be worn in many different styles. It looks particularly significant with thin or uneven layers, and adding vibrant rainbow streaks for an eye-catching twist will surely add drama and dimension. The blunt bob is an ideal style for tame curly locks. The gentle waves give off a delicate feminine vibe, perfect for pairing with feminine blouses or LBDs. Or, if you prefer something boho-chic instead, add beachy waves to create more boho vibes and give yourself a more bohemian edge by adding beachy waves into the blunt bob and creating beachy waves at the tips. This look works exceptionally well when worn with high-necked dresses or statement necklaces. You could also add fringe for an even more significant visual impact!

5. Choppy Bob

If you have fine hair, the choppy bob is an ideal option to give your locks texture and volume while avoiding an unattractive flat look. Plus, styling it is easy using salt sprays and other lightweight products; plus, it looks great with side-swept fringe or bangs! This medium choppy bob is an exquisite variation of the classic layered bob, featuring a side-swept edge and baby lights to further its beauty. Additionally, its golden shade makes this look incredibly flattering on fair complexions. An elegant choppy bob can be further elevated by adding vibrant hair colors like this faded dark purple shade. This bold look will attract attention to both your jawline and face; perfect for weddings and formal events!

6. Textured Bob

The textured bob takes the classic above-the-shoulders style to new heights with its choppy, layered, and tousled appearance. It is ideal for those with fine hair who desire volume without creating triangular shapes or weighing down their strands. Cut to any length you like; it looks beautiful when combined with wavy locks! Want an added pop of color? Add green highlights to your bangs for an ultra-glamorous and sophisticated finish.

The layered bob haircut is one of the most adaptable styles available to women of all ages and looks great in many different ways. Wavy hair types will especially enjoy it as it adds texture and movement to their locks.