Do Any Football Players Have Long hair?

If you’re wondering if any football players have long hair, the answer is yes. Here are four examples of long-haired footballers. These players include David Luiz, Sergio Ramos, Mauro Camoranesi, and Virgil van Dijk. You may have noticed that these players have long hair because of their athletic builds. The long hair is not an aesthetic choice, however.

David Luiz


The long hair of David Luiz is a bit of a talking point in football circles. Although most players sport short hair, Luiz wears his long locks to give himself more protection. His teammates may find it odd, but his fans seem to approve. The Brazilian international is currently engaged to Sara Madeira, a Portuguese native. In addition to his long hair, Luiz has many other features that are recognizable as a footballer.


His luscious hair is an obvious indicator that Luiz is a Brazilian defender. His long locks look like they were grown in a tropical country. He has been linked with a move to Marseille after he had a successful spell at Chelsea. However, the move to PSG was for the best of all parties, as it meant partnering with Brazilian teammate Thiago Silva. However, some fans were disappointed that Luiz was signing with a domestic rival and settling for a lower salary.

Sergio Ramos


Sergio Ramos has a distinctive man bun, one of the signature hairstyles of an iconic Spanish footballer. The ‘do is soft and wiry, and the sides and back are trimmed close to the scalp. Long hair adds a balanced appearance to a long face, while short sides and back keep the ‘do from looking too overly clumsy. Unlike other footballers, Sergio Ramos’ hairstyle does not require a lot of styling to look great.


Whether you prefer a long or short cut, Sergio Ramos has a wide variety of looks that complement any facial feature. In addition to his long, shaggy hair, he often adds an undercut to his short hairstyle. If you are indecisive about what to wear, a Sergio Ramos undercut might be a good choice for you. The ‘do is perfect for hot summer days.

Mauro Camoranesi


Mauro Camoranesi is an Argentinean footballer who also has Italian nationality. He has played professionally for Verona, Uruguay and Mexico before choosing to represent Italy on the international stage. Although he was born in Argentina, he began his career in Uruguay and Mexico. He then moved to Verona, where he spent five years before joining Juventus. His short hair style helped him to stand out in the midfield during his time at Verona.


The Argentine began his professional career with Mexican club Santos Laguna. He played for a number of South American clubs before moving to Italy in 2000. After winning the Serie A title with Verona, he signed for Juventus in 2006. Since then, he has been a key member of the Juventus team, revealing that he has no regrets about his decision. His words should be well received by millions of Juventus fans worldwide. The Argentine is scheduled to attend the Malta Cup this month.

Virgil van Dijk


Virgil van Dijk has long locks, which he has slicked back in the past. He’s often compared to Dutch legend Ruud Gullit, and has been likened to Tracy Beaker from CBBC. It’s unclear whether his long hair is an afro, or just a way to show off his trademark golden locks. But the long hair is certainly flattering and it might be the reason why Van Dijk decided to go public with his unkempt style.


The length of Virgil van Dijk’s locks can be a distraction from his dominant play. His long hair and slicked-back face make him look like he might smell – a combination of a man with long hair and a moustache. But Liverpool’s long-haired defender is a real colossus. He makes Liverpool look good from the back, and he’s one of the main reasons they’re a premier league powerhouse.

Andy Carroll


Aside from his football skills, Andy Carroll has been making headlines recently for his long hair. The young Englishman, who was released from West Brom a few weeks ago, is the only Premier League player with long hair. He has been on loan to West Ham United since the summer transfer window, but will return to Liverpool in the summer when Brendan Rodgers recalls players. The long haired player will also miss the opportunity to spend more time with his children, who are adamant that he should have the opportunity to see Carroll play for them.


A footballer with dreadlocks once went to a barber and came out with more hair than he had when he went in. It was so sassy that fans thought he was trying to be like a woman. Carroll resisted the temptation to cut his hair, and it annoyed a lot of fans. However, the long locks have been seen on many footballers since 1992.

Roberto Baggio


You probably have heard about the legendary Italian footballer Roberto Baggio. You may not be familiar with his name, but he was famous for his long, curly hair. The Italian was also known as “Sags,” and his ponytail was one of his signature looks. It was so popular that it became a fashion statement. Now, the famous Italian will share with you the story of how he came to sport such a popular hairstyle.


Born in Vicenza, Baggio began his career with a small club before advancing to the Serie A side Fiorentina. He scored 78 goals in 141 games and also played for Italy at the World Cup in 1994. Even though some consider his ponytail as one of the worst in football history, others claim it was necessary to help Italy win the World Cup. While he may have had to play the World Cup in a short, dirty ponytail, it did not detract from his incredible game.