Flat Top Haircuts for Men

For men who are searching for haircut that go along with their casual work wear, a flat top haircut is the most suitable choice. Flat top haircuts are also known as short hairstyles. This type of haircut is very popular with men in casual office wear and the like because of its simple appearance and easy maintenance. It has also been popularized in the recent years by celebrities because of its popularity among hip-hop culture.

Modern haircut

Many modern barbers also love being asked to provide the flat top haircut: it is always a difficult experiment. The great thing about this style is that its clean, straight look and masculine shape are very appealing. If you are among the many modern men who wish to display their macho masculinity, then look no further than a flat top haircut. It will also work well with your formal business suit or even when wearing a suit with a shirt and tie. When you are looking for a style for the workplace or for the gym, the flat haircut is definitely a great option to try.


Flat top hairstyles

Flat haircut for men should be chosen carefully so that the hair is not too long. For this, you can ask your barber to take your hair down to the level of your shoulders or even the floor. Also, be aware that it is not advisable to wear your hair up in a messy bun or messy ponytail. Most of the time, the longer hair is best suited when worn straight or when tied in a high ponytail.




Flat top hair style Advantages

Flat tops also have several advantages such as a clean look. It is not only suitable to sport for men; it is also suitable to sport for women. Women can sport this haircut without much difficulty, as they can just tuck it behind their ear.

There is also another benefit to this style that is not often mentioned about hair. As a result of the straight look, flat haircut can last longer than other styles. With the flat style, there is less need for blow drying hair and thus, the hair does not get dry and damaged.

When compared to the longer styles, the flat tops are easier to maintain. They do not require much care and do not require as much blow-drying.

This haircut is very easy to style and can be easily styled using hot or cold styling products. You can even use these products to dry your hair after styling your hair. The cool styling product can also be used to create waves on the ends of the hair for a nice look.




Flat top hair Highlights

Although there are many styles that can be chosen, it is still best to choose one that suits your personality. There is also a lot of variation to the flat top haircut. You can also opt to have highlights, go a bit different when it comes to length or even add some texture. You can also try experimenting with the colors when it comes to the color and texture.




Modern man with Flat top hairstyle

For the modern man, the flat top is the perfect style for him. Many men are choosing the haircut because it looks great on men of all shapes and sizes. Here are the top five reasons why every guy should have a haircut in this style.



Classic Flat top hair style

It’s hard for modern barber’s to turn down an invitation for a flat top haircut: it is always a difficult experience. The best thing about this type of haircut is its masculine, virile look and remarkably neat clean cut. If you are among those modern guys who wish to show off their macho, rugged masculinity, try the classic flat top haircut. You will instantly get a guy that exudes confidence and masculine strength.






Simple Flat top style

This is a timeless haircut: even if your hair starts falling out, it won’t take long before you will want to go back to the flat top haircut. This is because the look is versatile enough to fit just about any type of hair style. Even though the styling may seem simple, you are guaranteed of a top that will not just make you stand out but also stand out in the crowd. If your hair is already done up, the look is easy because the hair is not the only part of your head that will be highlighted by the flat top cut.

Flat top haircut with suitable hair color

There is an endless selection of ways to wear the flat top haircut: you can pair it with the matching shirt and jeans or dress it down by dressing up your suit in a neutral color and matching accessories. If you don’t want to spend much time on this part of the haircut, you can also opt for a more casual, unformal look and then add accessories in the form of a belt, shirt, and shoes. However, if you have long hair, make sure that the hair is braided so that the haircut will look less formal. The look works well with both long and short hair styles and has a very good chance of making a statement.

Longer Flat top hairstyles

It’s easy to care for this type of haircut: if you don’t have much time to maintain your style, it is still a great style to have. Flat tops can easily be styled with a wide variety of products: spray or gel on color removers, shampoo, curling iron, gel or mousse, a flat iron, etc. and you can also wax your hair to give it a shine. if you want to, or leave it naturally curly. If you like the idea of a longer haircut, you can opt for layers and then let the hair down your hair with extensions or hairrollers.

When you are looking at this kind of haircut, there are so many things to consider: how you wear it, the type of hair product you use, how you apply it, the length of time you will be wearing it, and what type of style you want. However, there is one important thing to keep in mind: it is an absolute necessity to stay away from straighteners. Straighteners can add weight and make the hair look thicker, which may cause breakage, so it is better to stick to a natural style like a buzz cut or a medium-length with some textured hair.

Flat top With tapered style

A flat top haircut is an extremely popular men’s haircut with tapered, straight or even medium length hair on the top and sides, making a large, flat top look sharp and trendy. Originating in the 1950s and reappearing again in the 1980’s, the flat top haircut is once again making its rounds on the fashion charts this year!

Shag Flat top cut

There are many styles of this haircut including the classic oval haircut and variations that are less classic. The most common is the balding or shaven hair on top style. This haircut can also be achieved by using gel or hair spray to make it more defined. However, one of the most popular types of a flat top hairdo is the shag cut, which will give your head the neat, square appearance without having to shave the top of your head.

Short hair flat top haircut

You can have this haircut either shaved or unshaven, but if you want to show off the natural beauty of your hair, choose to go with the unshaven version so that the top has plenty of definition. If you have short hair and want to hide the length, then a longer flat top haircut might be the perfect haircut for you.

Top shaved Flat top haircut

If you wear your hair long, consider having the top shaved, but make sure it is short enough to not appear long, and do not forget to add in a little more length at the ends so that it does not look messy. For the shortest and sleekest looking of haircut, try a flat top haircut in a single length, as this gives your head more depth and will hide any loose strands.

Shorter version of Flat top haircut

If you have longer hair, then choose the shorter version of the haircut to make it look even thinner, and try to get away with using a smaller amount of hairgel or hairspray. If your hair is very long and thick, then you will want to avoid going with the shag cut, as this makes your hair look even longer than it actually is. Instead, you can opt for a shag cut with a more defined shape and cut short in between the layers and let it fall naturally at the ends.

Military Flat top style

The flat top haircut is perhaps one of the most classic looks that has made its way into today’s men’s haircut world and has always stuck around ever since. This look first appeared in the early 1950s as a military-inspired style, where the front was shaved short and the sides cut short with hair on top stood straight up in an equally clean and professional style.

However, this style has now become one of the most popular haircut among the younger generation and it comes with some great benefits as well. Not only is the flat top a good style for all occasions but it also allows you to get the style that fits your personality.

Before going to the salon to have a flat top haircut, you should always remember to wash your hair properly. Using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair free from tangles, and dirt and ensure that your new haircut stays looking its best! Always use the correct shampoo for your type of hair so that it doesn’t end up looking matted or looking greasy!

It’s not uncommon to see the flat top haircut worn by celebrities, both male and female, for different reasons. For instance, some of the more famous celebrities who have gone for this haircut include David Beckham and Patrick Stewart. They are celebrities whose haircut are considered timeless. They have maintained their signature style, even though many other haircut have come and gone throughout the years.

Business style

These flat top hairstyles also lend themselves very well to a corporate look. It’s a perfect haircut to wear during business events, whether they’re in the office or in public. A business-like style flat top gives off a neat and professional aura.


Even when you’re looking for a flat top haircut, it’s important to remember that this type of haircut should be done at least 6 inches above the neckline, preferably a little higher. Many people often go with the idea of going with the short layered look, which means the sides are shaved while the top stays a straight and clean cut. This look can be quite stylish but does require a lot of time and effort. It is also not advisable for people with long necks, as this type of haircut can end up making them look like they have short necks all the time.

These flat top hairstyles can be worn with any kind of clothing, so you shouldn’t worry about trying to make them look like the real thing. In fact, you can wear the shirt you wear most of the time and still get away with it. You also won’t have to shave the side of your head, as many people do, which means you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror getting the exact length to get the look you want.