Facial hair Grooming Tips

Start by investing in a brush or comb specifically designed to manage facial hair. Wooden options tend to be better as plastic versions may cause static.

Utilize beard-specific shampoo and conditioner for optimal results. Be sure to read up on their ingredients; selecting an affordable product with less toxicity will not only benefit your beard but also the skin underneath.


Assuming you follow a full makeup routine (with regular powder reapply), plus sweat, oil, dirt and impurities from head hair and pillowcases, it’s crucial that you cleanse thoroughly each morning with an effective cleanser to rid yourself of impurities that accumulate throughout the day.

A quality cleanser should remove this gunk and reveal brighter, more radiant skin; use one suitable for both head and face; look for products with less chemicals which are better for both types of cleansing – consider trying cleansing scrubs which provide deep clean pores a thorough deep clean!

Proceed with caution as we present some of our top cleansers for men.


Diamond-shaped faces feature long and narrow features with wide cheekbones and narrow jaws. Individuals with these characteristics often possess angular features which can be softened through selecting styles such as long pixie cuts, wavy or curly locks with fringe swept to one side or textured chin length bobs featuring side-swept bangs to flatter them.

Heart-shaped faces (width at cheekbones with narrow forehead and nose) can be easily enhanced through selecting appropriate hairstyles. A pixie cut that adds volume is ideal, or any textured chin length look with fullness on either side will elongate their features beautifully.

If your client has a square-shaped face, one effective way to enhance their natural good looks is to soften its strong features with softer textures and shapes – shags with roundness at their base, waves that add dimension, deep side parts or long layers with wispy ends all work well for this look.


If you want a full and well-shaped beard or mustache, regular trimming of hair is essential to keeping it looking its best. Trimming will also prevent it from growing too long and becoming unruly – and Brownless suggests consulting a barber who can offer expert guidance for shaping facial hair in healthy ways.

Do it yourself by using clippers designed specifically for facial hair. Just ensure the blades are sharp, clean and properly aligned before beginning! Additionally, scissors may come in handy for cutting away loose hairs or touching up between visits to the barber.

Tweezers are another effective option for removing peach fuzz and shaping eyebrows without experiencing pain, although it’s essential that they be disinfected after each use for best results.