Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Add an emo touch to a classic black layered pixie haircut with colored streaks for an eye-catching emo style. Like those seen in Billie Eilish,, green roots with pink ends are a favorite among emo girls.

Punk Pixie Haircut

Punk hairstyles emphasize bold colors, textures, and stark differences between shapes and lengths. Take this adorable ice-blonde pixie fauxhawk as an example; it is charmingly cute and shows off its model’s rocker spirit!

Yellow Pixie Haircut

Add some color and dimension to your pixie haircut with this emo hairstyle! Dyeing your locks platinum blonde before darkening the top layers with fiery red is dramatic and feminine – perfect for creating an emo look!

Lilac Pixie Haircut

Emo girls can create an eye-catching appearance with unexpected color combinations and hairdos. Add pops of magenta with jet black on a layered medium hairstyle for an eye-catching combination, then comb forward to frame your face before finishing it off with a cute headband!

Rainbow Pixie Haircut

Subtle hues added to your hair can make an eye-catching statement about who you are, but for bolder information, why not take this rainbow pixie haircut further? This style features pastel purple, blue, and pink hair for an attractive manner with middle parting and waves. If you prefer something darker for yourself, add a dark money piece or highlight around your face for added contrast.

Green Pixie Haircut

Choppy cuts are a fun way to elevate a simple cropped style with a modish emo aesthetic, and adding bright contrast hues adds even more style. Color one half of your hair fiery red and the other platinum blonde for an eye-catching ombre style that works exceptionally well on women with thin locks. This style works exceptionally well on girls.

Pink Pixie Haircut

Pink Pixie cuts can add a feminine flair and make an unforgettable statement in style and fashion. A pink-hued Pixie haircut will turn heads while adding more class. Asymmetrical pixie hairstyles always look impressive and stylish, especially this one, which features side bangs to give a unique and stunning appearance. It will surely draw all eyes towards you and become a fashion icon!

Half-Dyed Pixie Haircut

This hairstyle could be ideal if you want to add some femininity to your emo look. Comb your locks carefully to remove tangles, apply enough hair serum for protection against heat-induced damage, and then split your coils in half and tie them into low pigtails. Add some flair to your scene haircut by dyeing the top and bottom strands with various colors, offering girls who wish to experiment with different hues without going blonde or brunette an easy way out.

Mermaid Pixie Haircut

This vibrant take on the emo hairstyle will turn heads! Choose a short, finely-layered haircut and dye it a gradation of shades from bronze to blond with hair dye. Next, use hair gel to create soft spikes before finishing the look with light hold spray. Emo girls often choose black hair to emphasize their dark side and mischievous nature, while others opt for bold contrast colors like this red and blue combination.

Pink Blonde Pixie Haircut

Highlighting short crop cuts can make them stand out and look fresh and modern, such as this pixie haircut, which demonstrates how blonde locks can transform its appeal. This messy top pixie haircut looks stylish, adding lots of volume to thin locks while drawing attention to her gorgeous features. This style is tomboyish yet feminine at once!

Layered Pixie Haircut

An elegant style for thin hair, the layered pixie haircut with side parting offers several layers for added volume, and its messy style creates adorable asymmetry. Discover a rocker style with feminine undertones with this emo pixie haircut, using light gray dye to highlight choppy layers and an asymmetrical pixie haircut that adds dimension and personality.