Emo Guy Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are an expressive way of showing off individuality. The style usually involves spiking your hair back with gel so it appears either standing upright or falling back down. Emo boys typically show off facial piercings, face tattoos, sleeve tattoos, and large earrings – they also typically sport beanie hats for added fashion statement.

Spiked Hair

Spiked hairstyles are an eye-catching way to show off your emo persona. Choose a color that complements your personality, then style your locks using appropriate tools to achieve the perfect look. They’re also easy to maintain: all it requires is some blow-drying and hairspray!

Punk Hair

Punk hair was popular during the punk movement as a symbol of rebellion against mainstream society and culture. This style typically featured short sides and back with a longer top, as seen with Khamis Maiouf who has over two decades of experience as a professional barber at Hinckley College where he earned his degree and won multiple barbering competitions.

Two Tone Hair Color

Two-tone hair color is an easy and stylish way to express yourself through hair color. Perfect for any hair length and personality type, two-tone coloring provides the opportunity for change without making drastic transformations to your locks. This type of coloring works especially well if you want something different without a drastic alteration – something fun just to liven things up a bit more!


Dip-dying provides an exciting two-tone color option that mimics an ombre without the extreme cascading effect. Simply mix darker and lighter tones at different areas for a striking contrast that pairs beautifully with shorter cuts like bobs. Add some shine and shimmer to your two-tone hair with platinum blonde and purple highlights, giving it an ultra-feminine appeal and making you look like a fairy princess. Additionally, this color combination works wonders on people with naturally dark locks who wish to lighten them without going all-out dyeing their locks.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is an effective way to showcase your personal style without looking overly daring or disorganized. Easy to achieve and suitable for pairing with any ensemble, the faux hawk offers great style without taking up too much of your time or space. Plus, it makes an ideal compromise between going bald or not yet taking that leap!

To achieve this look, begin with a fade on both the sides and back of your head (Burt Fade is recommended), before proceeding with random cuts on top. This will add texture and variety to your top part. To complete the look, use pomade or wax to slick back your hair and texturizing spray in the crown area for added texture. For an effortless style that blends in more naturally with any face shape, consider switching out glossier products for matte options instead of glossy ones. This hairstyle works on most face shapes; just be careful that its crest doesn’t appear narrow.