Easy Styles to Do Yourself

From simple braids and buns that appear more difficult than they really are to an elegant half-up style that you can accessorize with silk scarves, these cute yet simple styles will draw compliments wherever they go.

Classic Braid:

Assume a classic braid. Grab some hair from behind your left ear, twist and pin it back to your head with bobby pins for easy styling!

Box Braids:

Box braids are an incredibly adaptable style, complementing many colors and lengths without ever looking unattractive. Plus, they make adding fun easy without dealing with loose hair! Feminine details such as flowers can give them an individualized and playful aesthetic.

Before installing box braids, set aside several hours. As this could take even longer if you are new to this process, bring snacks and drinks to keep yourself fueled throughout the installation process. Larger braids (such as dookie or jumbo) can be styled into crowns to create a glamorous look. To do this, start at your left ear and braid across your back to your right ear, creating an attractive pattern along your hairline that will draw people’s eyes towards this stylish and sophisticated style.

Pineapple Ponytail:

Whether your hair has curls or is straight, the pineapple technique is an easy and quick way to keep your locks looking their best while sleeping. Unlike sleep-in braids that may lead to flat or frizzy curls, the pineapple technique allows for touch-ups with minimal heat when needed.

Begin by gently gathering your hair at the top of your head and loosely securing it with an ouchless scrunchie or elastic band. Curly girls may additionally opt for wearing a satin bonnet or scarf for added protection. Be mindful that tight pineapple buns may leave behind kinks and dents in your hair, so only do this if you wear ponytails or buns the following day. For an indented pineapple look without clipping back all your locks, use large jaw clips (see our Editor Amanda doing it) or large jaw clips (like those found here for less indented looks.). For added protection, try wrapping your locks around a turban for additional style options.

Double Bun:

Double buns have quickly become a fashionable trend. Double buns from Cara Delevingne’s high knotted double top knot to Miley Cyrus’ two cornrow buns from her ’90s music video days add a contemporary and modelesque appeal. Furthermore, keeping strands out of your face helps show off all those gorgeous features!

To achieve this beautiful style, use the handle of your PINK PEWTER “Never Let Go” Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb to give yourself a middle part that runs to the back (or experiment with different features for something genuinely original!). Next, gather up your hair into small ponytails or braids. Start by randomly tucking each braid into its respective base, and pin as needed to secure them into place. Finish it with some CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray for a lasting updo ready for the sun or party!

Bow Ponytail:

No matter your style – from Minnie Mouse-esque to dramatic drama – bows add flair and texture to an otherwise simple outfit. Try switching up the ribbon for something like a leather cord or lace (as Kiernan Shipka did here) to give an unexpected edge and texture boost to an otherwise straightforward ensemble.

Add a slight bow in the center of your low ponytail or French braid for a feminine touch. Try using a clip or brooch for extra embellishment for added sophistication and dimension. Try a proper crown braid with a matching bow for an elegant take on this style accessory. This style works equally well on curly or textured hair types and pairs nicely with curls or waves. For something romantic yet still chic, a faux braid using two separate ponytails pulled through one another may work better; secure each ponytail end using a bobby pin before misting it with hairspray – the details make this style so chic!