Cute and Easy Pretty Hairstyles For Back to School

The back-to-school season offers the opportunity to upgrade your look with an easy yet cute hairstyle that will have everyone asking how you achieved such stunning results. From braids to attractive pigtails, these easy styles cover every base!

Use some hairspray and create a deep side part before making two low pigtails leaving out face-framing strands to frame your face. Finish each ponytail off with a ladder braid to disguise any elastics.

Half-Up with a Bow

There’s something so delicate and charming about a half-up hairstyle, complete with a delicate bow. This feminine style makes an eye-catching impression when worn correctly, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Check out Lulu’s tutorial or Brit Co for inspiration.

Long locks needn’t stand in the way of this beautiful bow style! Create a pulled half-up low pony, twist the top section into a loose bun, and wrap it with a bow – or for something more formal, pin it back as Emma Watson did.

Another styling idea is to attach a pretty silk ribbon at the base of your ponytail (via Byrdie). This look gives off serious Rapunzel vibes, and is especially significant if your locks are long-AF. A bit of hairspray will help hold this look in place all day.

Twist-Out with a Side Part

Twist-outs are a simple protective style for natural hair that can easily be changed with different looks. Planning and intentionality in how you section, engage, and install your curls are critical elements to creating beautiful twist-outs, moisture, and hair products to prevent dryness or frizz during the day or night.

Two-strand twists make a striking statement when created on damp hair using Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Styling Gel or similar product, and embellished by adding wooden beads for that princess-worthy touch.

Esther of @gameofhros shows us how to add a twist out by creating a deep side part. To achieve the look, spray water or TGIN hair Milk Refresher Spray into your roots before combing through your twists to loosen them up – giving them that fresh-from-salon look!

Twist-Out with a Side Braid

As impressive as braids are, sometimes you want something even more stunning. A side braid can add an elegant and lovely flair to any special event or everyday ponytail; its easy creation makes this hairstyle look effortless yet stunning!

Create a small partition on your head, and twist each section using two or three strands. Leave these twists overnight, undo them the following morning, and enjoy an eye-catching wavy style to your locks!

If waterfall braids are something you enjoy but find challenging to achieve on your own, this hairstyle is for you. Part your hair on the lighter side, creating thin strands into waterfall braids using each section as you do so. Add embellishments such as bejeweled clips or gold cuffs if desired for an impressive style! It is also an effective way to revive an old twist if it begins looking plain and lifeless!

Twist-Out with a Side Bang

Back-to-school time means new lockers, notebooks, and an opportunity to start over on grades. Show off your new look with an effortless hairstyle you can do in the shower that will stand up against a full day of studying – the lovely pin curl.

This style requires creating two large, flat twists the night before. In the morning, untwist them and add two little cornrows that frame your face for added dimension. Finish it with some hairspray for extra security, and you are ready for tests!

This stylish hairstyle will instantly bring out a new you! Pair this look with an eye-catching dress for a party, or wear it casually to school with jeans and a tee. Kiernan Shipka showcases this look perfectly by rocking her shoulder-length bob with side-swept bangs and some jewelry as a final touch for this semiformal event look.