Easy Medium Haircuts

Discover trendy yet low-maintenance medium haircuts that require little daily styling or upkeep. These shoulder-length cuts graze the collarbone, perfectly fitting into almost every facial structure. Ask your stylist for textured layers that add movement and fullness to your locks, then style your layered bob with swoopy bangs for an eye-catching rockstar look.

Hard Part

Hard part haircuts are a great way to elevate a classic skin fade cut, featuring a distinct line that adds polish without overwhelming the rest of your aesthetic. Additionally, you can ask your barber to curve this line slightly for added contrast and style to your look. Comprehensive complex parts are bold and eye-catching, making them perfect for men who wish to stand out. This look becomes particularly fashionable and distinctive when combined with a pompadour or quiff style. Alternatively, switch things up with a thinner hard part for a more subtle effect. Either option will look clean and attractive with any hairstyle; visit your barber regularly to maintain an impeccable appearance.


Once considered only suitable for men, women have recently taken to this trending style. With its high skin fade and thick hair up top, an undercut hairstyle creates an eye-catching contrast. For maximum effect, it can be styled into classic combover mini pompadour or disconnected undercut quiff styles. Undercuts can also be styled with a slicked-back look for a professional yet classy appearance, using a strong hold pomade to achieve this style. Alternatively, hair may be textured and layered for an unruly yet purposeful appearance. Whichever style you opt for, an undercut can be worn with any hair length, from short, like a fairy, to longer, such as a bob or braid.

Taper Fade

A taper fade haircut combines short sides and back hairstyles with longer locks on top for a less dramatic yet stylish approach to fade haircuts. It works well with both curly Afros and twists. This style is an ideal casual look because it allows your natural texture to show. Additionally, it pairs well with beards. However, to maintain this haircut’s shape at its best, it requires regular upkeep by a barber. Curly hair pairs well with taper fade haircuts because its distinctive and stylish appearance sets it apart from straight locks. Pair yours with a bolder style like a flipping quiff, or use pomade for more type. For even greater contrast, add in dark red hues as well.

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bobs can work well on virtually all hair types, provided there are ample layers to add movement and texture. Professional stylists can customize this stylish haircut according to your features and tastes. For an effortlessly chic style that suits red carpet events and city streets, ask your hairstylist to use texturizing spray or mousse on your locks to maintain their natural, lived-in aesthetic. Doing this will allow them to keep an effortlessly chic appearance suitable for either occasion. If you’re thinking of adding bangs to your shaggy bob, consider wispy ones that frame your face and add extra flare. A medium-length bob with swoopy bangs is easy to style and always in fashion.


As part of a low-maintenance medium haircut known as bangs (North American English) or fringe (British English), charges cover your forehead and frame your face, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect. Classic blunt edge is always in fashion. Alternatively, you could try an arced version, which can be styled using a blow dryer or brushed off to the side for something different. Flowy straight lobs can make an excellent medium haircut choice for thin hair. Their face-framing strands will create balance while making light locks appear thicker. Are you searching for an effortless way to add fullness and volume to your bob haircut? Layers may be the answer – they add volume quickly while remaining easy to style. Pair your layered bob with soft, wispy bangs for an airy style that works for everyday casual situations.