Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Thin hair does not mean settling for lifeless locks – with proper cutting and styling techniques, you can add tons of visual movement and life back into it! Start by spraying your strands with texturizing spray, before pulling them back into a ponytail with some face-framing pieces left out to add dimension to your look.

Thinner hair can make styling difficult. But there are numerous looks available to make your locks appear fuller. If your hair is long, try a messy half-up style with side bangs to frame your face beautifully while adding volume at the front of your locks. If your tresses need help staying put, use El Net from L’Oreal as a stronghold hairspray!

Team lobs are an excellent in-between length that gives ample styling options. Ask your stylist for layers to add texture and volume to your lob. If you’re not ready for a lob, try a shorter blunt cut above your shoulders. This style suits all face shapes and can be enhanced with bangs.

A long bob with waves is one of the most flattering hairstyles for thin hair. It will make your strands appear fuller through waves and face-framing cuts. Wear this style to formal occasions like weddings or proms, and enhance it by twisting and pinning small sections of hair loosely to form a loose braid.

A messy ponytail is an effortless updo that adds casual appeal to your look. Tease your hair to create volume before pulling it into a low ponytail. Create a bow with your hair or use clip-in bows for added effect. For a dramatic, messy updo, ask your stylist to crimp your hair.

A center part looks flattering on thin hair. Pair it with a choppy cut and a messy bun updo. This combination exudes beauty while still being functional. To achieve this updo, use a texturizing product and tease section by section to add volume before finishing with soft hold hairspray.