13 Easy Hairstyle Ideas

Looking your best is made more accessible when armed with cute hairstyle ideas! From buns and ponytails, braids, and even headbands for added color or print. Check out 13 looks here that could prepare you for class, date night, or a friend’s bachelorette party in no time.

High Ponytail

A classic high ponytail will never go out of fashion. Wear it slicked back for formal events or with loose waves and curls for casual looks; add braids, twists, or accessories for a unique style! Take inspiration from Blake Lively and try a fishtail ponytail style for a bolder style. This draws more attention to your face and shoulders and makes for the ideal date night or special events look. Another great way to elevate your ponytail is with a pineapple updo, like this easy tutorial from Ducklings In A Row. This style can easily accommodate straight and curly locks; ensure that some backcombing takes place for added volume and smoothness before adding a cute hair bow as an accent piece – creating a feminine, beautiful updo that will turn heads!

Pineapple Updo

People often mistake the pineapple hairstyle for being only suitable for curly locks, but it works just as effectively when applied to straight locks. You have to be more meticulous when styling it – for instance, tying your ponytail up before wrapping loosely around an item such as a scarf or bonnet. When taking down your hair in the morning, be careful to gently pull down the scarf or bonnet and avoid creating kinks in your locks. Brush out any coils while doing this to make them appear sleek and healthy. Scrunchies or headbands with fabric material can also help you tame your pineappled locks. Just be sure they won’t leave an indentation in your curls; for longer locks, consider clipping top layers before tying them into a pineapple knot.

Loose Messy Bun

The Loose Messy Bun is an eye-catching yet romantic hairstyle, suitable for all face shapes. Dress it up with accessories like headbands, lace crowns, or bandanas for an eye-catching finish, or for something a bit more casual, leave loose tendrils tucked underneath for texture. This elegant look is ideal for those with long, thick locks. Quickly achieve it with a side braid twisted into a messy bun secured with bobby pins. We Heart It suggests adding a variation to this look by creating a half loop and tucking bits of hair into it, creating more volume and texture. Day-old locks work best for optimal results, as freshly washed locks may be too silky to maintain their structure and hold. Consider teasing your crown using dry shampoo or texturizing spray for extra design and storage.

Low Ponytail

For effortless glamour without much effort, try this low ponytail hairstyle. Perfect when worn with long gowns, this look makes a statement with minimal effort required! To achieve it, part your hair down the center and secure it in a ponytail; twist one section onto itself before crossing back over on top and secure using a bobby pin to complete this style. For an informal yet sophisticated look, try teasing out your ponytail slightly for added texture. Tease out your roots and add face-framing wisps for extra impact – perfect for everyday casual wear and formal events such as prom night! This ponytail works equally well on calm days as formal events like prom night! Like Lana Condor, you can update your ponytail by adding a side part and securing it with curtain bangs for a chic transformation. This style helps frame the face perfectly while looking incredible in yellow dresses!