Easy Hairdos For Little Girls

Hairstyling little girls shouldn’t be an overwhelming task! No matter if it is her dad, granddad, or older brother providing services – these simple styles will leave her looking her best in no time!

Pull her hair up into a high ponytail and smooth it down before securing with a flat clip or barrette.

Messy Braids

A messy braid makes an eye-catching statement on little girls with thin or straight locks and is the ideal style for girls with thin or straight locks. Simply backcomb the hair on each side of her head before creating two high ponytails on either side and securing them with high ponytail pins. Divide each ponytail into small sections to braid together. Secure with bobby pins across her head like a hairband to hold in place until she adds embellishments such as beads or monochromatic bows for an outfit-themed braid!

For something different and stylish, give your daughter a flower braid! First, part her hair down the center until the nape of her neck, then Dutch braid each section from the top of the forehead down to her bottom ear in Dutch braid fashion, loosely wrapping each end as you go into loose flowers before spraying with hairspray to complete her stunning look! She’ll surely be the talk of her class with this fashionable yet easy hairstyle!

Braided Buns

This elegant hairstyle is ideal for little girls who wish to emulate princesses. Start by washing or spraying her hair to dampen it for easier styling, then brush out any tangles and create a deep side parting on one of the sides. Next, divide her hair into three sections for braiding: start by taking one section from each section (right first then left first then middle first), braid them together then secure with small elastics before spraying lightweight hairspray to keep the style intact throughout the day.

If your girl loves wearing braids, this unique hairstyle will surely get her the attention of her peers. Featuring a fishtail accent over her ponytail and looking super cool – perfect for both school activities and other daily endeavors outside.


If your little girl has gorgeous long locks, she would look lovely in braided updos. These styles keep hair away from her face while remaining simple to maintain – you could even add a bow or flower as an aesthetic touch!

Make her look cute for special events by adding ribbons into her fishtail braid – it is an elegant hairstyle which can fit almost any special event, including prom.

This beautiful hairstyle can be worn by children of any age, working well with both long and short locks to give the appearance of more maturity. To achieve it, use a rat tail comb to divide her hair into two sections; divide each section into pigtails before working the braids into an inverse three-section braid and secure them with elastic.

Cascade Curls

If your daughter’s hair is naturally curly, she’ll adore this charming style. Showcase her wavy locks with adorable ponytails criss-crossing each other using small rubber bands; creating this delightful hairdo can take just five minutes! For an added polished look, you could color coordinate her bands to coordinate with her outfit and complete this adorable hairdo in no time at all!

Cascade curls hairstyles make any girl who enjoys dressing up look as though she just stepped from a fairytale. With this nonchalant take on a waterfall braid, she can achieve both cool and chic looks in one go!

If your daughter has long hair, take it a step further by adding intricate knots into her updo for an exquisite finish. This look will ensure she stands out in any crowd while feeling both confident and elegant!