Easy Hair Ideas For Everyday Looks

Every day we settle into our hair routine, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try something different with just a few chic accessories! From dainty bang clips to eye-catching barrettes – these quick hair ideas will have you looking effortlessly chic in no time!

Half Twist Ponytail

When you want to look polished but need more time for an elaborate updo, this easy ponytail half updo is your answer. It can be created in just minutes, making this perfect for school drop-offs or Zoom calls. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, twist it, and wrap a section around its base for this elegant style that works no matter the event!

This quirky ponytail adds flair and sophistication at weddings, birthday parties, and proms. To achieve it quickly, part your hair one-third down and gather it into a low ponytail; secure its ends around itself using a hair band; add sparkle with bejeweled clips or headbands; finally, use volumizing shampoos such as Biolage Professional Volume Bloom Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain long-term volume that keeps this half up ponytail sleek and gorgeous all night long!

High Bun

Whether for work or exuding model-off-duty vibes, the high bun is your perfect go-to hairstyle. Classic yet easy to create, this timeless classic can adapt itself to fit any special event or style imaginable. Grab some front hair, twist, and secure with a simple hair tie; finish this chic style by adding feminine flourishes like bow accessories for extra feminine flare!

Another adorable way to wear a high bun is by creating a space bun. To achieve this look, clump together small sections of hair and pin them backward into ponytails at the back of your head before tucking the remainder into a bun with bobby pins for security – for added hold, use some hairspray!

Slicked-Back Ponytail

Doing a sleek back of baby hairs along your forehead and creating a gorgeous, face-framing look can be easily accomplished with just some tools – regular toothbrushes or dry spoolers will do. Once back into place, use your hands to smooth, tame, and style into beautiful designs such as circles and waves!

One fun ponytail idea is to slick back the top half of hair, then create two high pigtails on either side for a playful but neat style that’s great for school drop-off or any special event. Add extra flare with fun hair accessories like this wire headband or an attractive rolled-up scarf!

Tousled Waves

Beach waves or bed hair is a stylish yet casual style of tousled locks that embodies the feeling of relaxation found on vacations. Tousled locks can easily be created for fall fashion trends and provide an easy styling option.

To achieve this easy hairstyle, wash and towel-dry your hair until it’s almost dry but still damp. Divide your locks into sections and wrap each into pin-curls – using different size rollers can create more defined curls – then, when you wake up, unwind them using your fingers to separate them into tousled waves.

An effortless style to achieve this look is to plait your hair into ten sections and leave them overnight, then unbraid them when you wake up to sort your fringe/bangs and apply serum for added shine in the morning. Or use sea salt sprays to give your natural beach waves; remember it may dry out your locks!