Early 80s Hairstyles

Try this high ponytail with bangs if you want a fun look from the ’80s. Use banana clips or an elegant bow barret for additional flair!

Farrah Fawcett popularized this style, making it a fantastic option for women with straight hair. This look combines an intriguing blend of grunge, teen culture, and classiness.


Mullet designed as a high-volume style for both men and women, it could be curled, crimped, feathered, or curled into various forms to suit different individual preferences.

Perfect for long-haired individuals who can pair this style with floral accessories and t-shirts! Although traditionally associated with hillbillies and former athletes, the mullet returns this year with less voluminous strands with shorter disconnections between layers.

Add flair to your ponytails by adding hair elastics every few inches for an eye-catching retro look. Perfect for casual outings as well as formal events.

Feathered bob

Feathered styles like this feathered look offer an alternative way to add texture and volume, playing off of your cheekbone definition for a unique, balanced appearance.

Farrah Fawcett made this style famous during Charlie’s Angels, and its revival is making waves today. Boasting a middle part with long, flowing strands, this look can be worn for formal events and casual affairs.

If you want something different, give a perm a try! This hairstyling technique involves chemical treatment to permanently alter your natural texture to add curls – ideal for those with straight locks who wish to add some flair.


Feathered ends and high, complete waves characterize this 1980s-inspired hairstyle, which works well on both women and men alike. Wear it with a scrunchie for maximum versatility while showing off those gorgeous waves!

The 1980s were all about making an impression, and that manifested itself through hair trends. Big, eye-catching locks made an impactful statement; therefore, opting for blowouts, perm styles, or crimped waves as part of this decade-inspired hair look was one way to do just that.

This look has recently become a trend among celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence, creating a soft, round shape that frames their face. The key to making this style is to create a softly rounded profile around the contours of your face.

Crimped locks

One of the most fashionable looks in the ’80s was crimped hair, made famous by pop stars and other celebrities. Achieving this look requires using a crimper or similar tool to crimp your locks to produce waves, sawtooth cuts, or even zig-zag patterns in your locks.

Feathered blowouts were another iconic style from the ’80s, featuring lots of volume and a windswept effect. Recreating this look today with volumizers like Oribe Volumista Mist ($44) can easily recreate this look from years ago.

The 1980s introduced big hair bows, popularly worn in ponytails or on top of the head. Since 2015, this hair trend has come back, and many Millenials love the style as it adds flair to their outfits.


Big volume hair was all the rage in the 80s, from full feathered styles to Farrah Fawcett’s iconic mullet – both great examples of iconic retro looks that work best on long locks. If you want a similar retro feel with your waves, try using Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam ($13). This volumizing spray should do the trick!

Alternately, you can achieve a faux bob by sectioning off your hair and using hair elastics to secure each section in place. This fun and easy look from the 1980s will help create fuller-looking ponytails!

Men looking for something different try a subdued pompadour with smooth locks slicked back for casual and semiformal events.