Early 80s Styles


You might remember the big ponytail that dominated the ’80s, but did you know that the ’80s styles went even further? The hi-top fade was one of the most iconic styles of the decade, popularized by emerging rap groups like Def Leppard. This style involved long hair on top and short bangs on the sides. In the 1980s, it became more structured and became one of the most popular ’80s styles.

Early 80s Styles and Edgar Model

These ’80s styles were favored by teen girls and affluent professionals, and have been making a strong comeback. The trend is defined by full volume and crimped ends. The styles can be achieved with any length of hair, as long as it is at least shoulder-length. For a faster way to create these looks, use a crimping iron. You can also add a little volume with a crimped accent section.