DIY Short Haircuts For Girls

At the core of any successful DIY haircut is having an idea of exactly what you want and communicating this clearly – miscommunication can easily ruin a cut! When cutting in the back, hold your hair horizontally while using index and middle fingers to guide scissors – this method of point cutting softens the overall appearance of your haircut.

1. Bob

A bob is an ideal haircut for fine hair because of its versatility in creating multiple textures and volume. Choppy layers add movement to the locks, adding dimension and making this cut appear more interesting.

2. Long Pixie Cut

Long pixie cuts can be both stylish and adorable. Boasting long fringes and cleanly-shaven sides, this cut provides an excellent alternative to bowl haircuts while offering endless styling possibilities. It is ideal for women who wish to conceal a broad forehead.

3. Layered Cut

Layers add volume, frame your face, and help reduce weight from thicker hair. They work particularly well for both wavy and curly locks alike!