Keeping Your Look Fresh With a Few Different Long Hairstyles For Guys

Long hair symbolizes male strength and virility for men, yet maintaining it requires lots of work and care. Therefore, keeping your look current with different long hairstyles for guys can help keep things interesting!

Center parts

Center parts offer a sleek, modern style that pairs well with symmetrical facial structures. Add texture with light pomade or sea salt spray for surfer looks.


The classic pompadour style creates volume on top while maintaining neat, tapered sides. It works best on men with thick hair. Pair it with a clean fade haircut and a boxed beard for a striking look.

A short pompadour can be ideal for extra-wavy curls, contrasting facial features and locks. Use hairspray to secure the style.


Slick backs are an effortless way to keep long hair out of the face and are suitable for almost all hair types. For a surfer look, create loose waves and texture with sea salt spray or matte pomade.

Braids can make an eye-catching statement, from Viking long cornrows to French or fishtail braids. Combine braided hair with a man bun or ponytail for maximum effect.


The half-up, half-down hairstyle is elegant yet effortless. It’s easy to maintain and works well for intricate braids or formal styles. This style is versatile and suits curly or wavy locks.

Take inspiration from the 90s with this stylish hairstyle. Add hair products to create waves and texture for a natural and styled look.


Men with long hair can showcase stylish braided styles that draw attention to its length. Pair braids with tight or loose braids that reach the back of the head. Combine with ponytails or buns for an elegant finish.

Cornrow Braid

Demonstrate your skill with hair styling by employing different-shaped cornrows. Create striking patterns and pair them with thick goddess braids. Consider adding color for extra drama.

For an elegant style, braid your cornrows into a high ponytail and pair it with gold cuffs to complete this sophisticated look. Perfect for special events.